We will all remember the coronavirus in one way or another. Even though we are still in the eye of the storm, I can’t help it but start thinking on what we can take from it. There is always a bright side to everything and this will not be an exception, even if sometimes we cannot see it this way. So, either for this reason or because I am starting to get bored after ten days of confinement, here is my take on what I hope we (re)learn from it and therefore helps us find this time meaningful. 

1- Global problems require global solutions

As a whole there’s been a lack of joint effort amongst our politicians. I’m sure it is not easy, but there should have been a common response. Being global should be more than sharing common markets, it should help us coordinate efforts, seek agreements and cooperate. We can do better than this and hopefully this will strengthen international cooperation.

2- Economy cannot be an excuse for not acting on climate crisis

Coronavirus is real and can be lethal, and so is the climate crisis. We have seen a rise of consciousness, however, a much stronger economical and political response is needed urgently. If we can react quickly to this current health crisis even though we know it’s going to have a tremendous impact in our economy, why can’t we not do the same for the climate crisis?

3- Uncertainty is our new normal (it’s probably always been)

Since the economic crisis of 2008, the paradigm has changed. Life is uncertain and so is the economy and our own paths. Start ups are the new normal, individuals change their career paths at advanced ages and new jobs appear every day. This crisis has reminded us again of this uncertainty. It is in these times that we adapt, finding opportunities, change and growth. 

4- We should use the internet better 

The online world is saving us. Really, it is. By helping some companies continue (almost) business as usual, connecting us with our loved ones or giving us the chance to keep informed 24/7 while confinement is in place. It is helping us keep our day to day going, we are thriving with it. Will the 9 to 5 office based job still make sense after this health crisis?  

5- Health is the most important thing 

Right now we are pausing our lives, routines, even our economies(!) to take care of our health. We should remember this when it’s all over. Stress, the overdue doctor appointment, a moment to slow down in the day. Let’s put health back where it belongs. 

6- Nature knows best and we ought to respect her

It is not all cultures in the world that have lost the respect and admiration for nature but it is a common trait in western countries. Let us take this crisis as a reminder that we ought to respect the beautiful and extraordinary scenery and animal wildlife that surrounds us. Mother nature was here before we arrived and it will be here long after we are gone.

Henry Be / Unsplash

7- It’s time to finally get our values right

It is always positive to reevaluate what we believe in, what pushes us forward and what’s truly irrelevant in our lives. Too often we live the life we think we should, we do what we believe is expected of us instead of pursuing what truly makes us happy. This could be a time to get our core values right and to be brave enough to take a step forward towards the life we really want. 

8- Solidarity is in our nature 

In times of crisis solidarity intensifies or at least becomes more obvious. There are many reasons behind this, but we should keep it up at all times. During crises we prove that solidarity is within us, but we should also remember it when the busy day to day engulfs us. By showing solidarity and empathy, we would probably help make the world a better place to live in. 

9- Yes, there’s time to have that pending coffee

How many times have we delayed that coffee with a friend because we had too much work? We can choose what we do with our time and time is all we have. If we now have these 30 minutes for a “virtual coffee”, we will still have them once we go back to the streets, it is our choice to decide how to use them.

10 – Creativity matters (a lot) 

From day one we have been able to look at both sides of the coin, taking the situation seriously but also being able to play with it. There are many examples online (hilarious memes!). Creativity shows how capable we are of seeing the bright side of things, of pushing our boundaries. It entertains us, but most importantly it brings us all together, it gives us hope.

Take care, stay healthy (and wash your hands!)