A Fengshui overhaul to your home can dramatically improve your mental wellbeing by following a few basic rules that even if you aren’t totally convinced by the concept of Feng Shui, these simple guidelines still make sense.  The artistic placement of items and arrangement of furniture in an area or space to reflect the principles of Feng Shui  – which entails following the pattern that illustrates it’s flow of energy. This can be achieved through adherence to the directions of the Bagua map. I have summarized there steps into a comprehensive guide below with 10 tips for giving your house a feng shui overhaul.

Remember the basics

Getting the basics of the five feng shui elements will go a long way to help maintain the balance and vibrant energy in all areas of your house. Coming to terms with this basic principle of the five feng shui elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) and how they function will enhance the way your home and supports the energy. For example, if you are planning on prosperity attraction, you need to introduce the feng shui element of wood and water in the south-east area of your house, in other words, this where you situate some pieces of furniture to balance the energy. Likewise, if you working on improving your health, you place lush plants representing the wood feng shui element in the east area of your home.

Follow the Bagua

Your decorations should support your ability to actualize your life’s goals. This is simply done by looking at the Bagua. The Bagua is the symbol of the map of feng shui that can help you increase the harmony in your home. This not only balances the flow of energy buy will help you carry out an enviable work of art in your home arrangement. The Bagua resembles a map that represents the nine areas of our lives. As you walk into a home the Bagua will show where each of these aspects fits and what colours and elements need to stationed in those sections of the space for the Chi energy to keep flowing in a positive way. For example, I I’ll place my 3 lamps in the relationship area of my life to help me maintain personal and business relationships.

A Fengshui overhaul brings to mind the artistic placement of items and arrangement of furniture in an area or space to reflect the principles of Feng shui 

Soft-edged furniture Magic.

Pointed edges are understood to generate *sha Chi* energy which is the negative counterpart of the ageing Chi. This type drains energy and weakens. Pointed edges of your furniture, headboards or anything in the room that is pointed towards you could be said to be ‘poison arrows ‘that drain energy. So you would want to face them away from the relaxation points.

Evaluate the layout of the room and either replace your furniture with soft-edged ones will enhance peace and calmness in the room or you reposition those points so they are not facing you.

Keep the bathroom door closed.

According to feng shui, Water is full of energy and as attracts positive energy towards its direction disrupting the energy balance in your room. When a bathroom door is left open it pulls out energy from the room: think of this as the flow of electric current. The electric current would always tread the path of least resistance so you might want to keep any water body like the aquariums away from the living room or better still, Just keep the bathroom door closed.

De Clutter

The fewer items you have strewn around the room the more conducive your room will be to peace, rest and sleep. Surface clutter goes beyond Feng Shui in that the subtle emotional reactions will agitate your inner space. But, with Feng Shui in the room clutter acts as an energy breaker or blocker.

Imagine your room as a road. If you have to constantly manoeuvre around objects such as rocks, tree limbs, or animals…the drive becomes exhausting. If you can cruise down a clear country road for miles without distraction, the drive is relaxingly enjoyable. Chi energy works in the same way when space is free of clutter. Don’t always forget to remove items not needed from the room to free up more space for energy flow.

Mind the electronics

Have the computer, telephones and cell phones some feet away from the sitting area. These items emit electromagnetic fields which have adverse effects on your health and overall well being over time. Always ensure that a breakage is placed in the path of these EMFs like a big wooden wall divider between them and the sitting area to break up the waves or else, maintain a minimized use of these gadgets in your home to maximize the feng shui energy.

Colour and furniture

Colour has a great effect on mood and emotions. The paint colour should match the required use of the room and the amount of energy required. For example, by painting your walls a soft Robin egg blue or warm neutral, the mood in the room will invite peace and slumber, so you wouldn’t want to use these in your office area. Likewise, colours that are bright and bold signifies much vibrant energy and should suit a place of work. Much furniture can lead to blocked or stagnant energy which I know you don’t want, so limit the pieces of furniture and keep things in positions that complement themselves.

Windows are essential

You need more windows to enable circulation of fresh air through the entire room every time. Circulation of air enhances the circulation of Cheng shi and feng shui effect in your home or office.

Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors have reflective qualities that when used in feng shui can help to bounce energy, either good or bad around your space either out of the door or back into the room. In your bedroom, however, reflective energy from mirrors will disturb your sleep. Although not recommended, if you do have a mirror in your room, make sure that it doesn’t reflect you when you’re lying on your bed, resting. If you share your bed with your partner, it’s important that the mirror doesn’t reflect the bed, you or your partner. This symbolizes more than two people in your relationship and can promote infidelity. It’s best to remove the mirrors that break these rules to encourage a healthy, positive bedroom environment


Most rooms have large space and can be a little challenging when it comes to placing things the way they should enhance aesthetics. But with the knowledge of Feng Shui, you not only end up with a masterpiece, you also make the place more relaxing and healthy to stay. Well-placed wall art attracts positive energy into the room starting with the colour of the art, choosing harmonious themed art can help create a calm feel to a room. The lighting should reflect the use of the room; a calm sky blue colour would suit a place of rest. Position fresh flower vases on the north-west area of your home, (a place that helps radial balance and established harmony) from where the energy circulates around your home.

These are few important tips to invite the positive power of feng shui in creating an overhaul that establishes a wonderful work of art in your home/office. By implementing these simple tips, you are well on your way to experiencing more success, improving peace and health and of course establishing a superior aesthetic work of art in your home.

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