Building your own brand in this digitally focused environment can be a little hard. Especially, if you’re too tempted with options. Yes, there are many options and choices you get. But, the easiest and safest “action” is, when you decide and plan around them.

There are no hard and fast rules here. However, basics do apply. Building a strong brand is something that you alone can DO for your career

As you know, social media marketing and blogging with evergreen content has revolutionized the entire blogging industry and its growing by leaps and bounds. If you want more people to get connected with your brand, you need to have an excellent overall social presence on giants such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube etc with help of smm wave. But a question arises, how, need not worry, you got Digi SMM as your companion for surmounting your business on almost every social media, increase brand awareness and get connected with potential people. 

1. More Is Never Less

It will not only get you more clients, but also more awareness of your passion. Yeah, something you will look forward to on daily notes. Tempting, I understand. But, again, the million dollar question is, how to go about it?

Where do you start? What is the best approach, and how you can turn words into reality? These, and many other such questions will surround you.

A lot of people may just sleep over the idea, and others may actually work around it.

Lastly, at the end of the day, you do have to ask yourself how you can turn your failure into success. And, that is what you would call the turning point of your business approach.


2. Target Your Generation

This is the most important step for any startup brand. Your brand is worthy for customers only if you market for people who will willingly buy your stuff. A 50 year old person will not look twice for a smartphone, which is also a gaming phone. But, alternatively, if you design and market your brand with generation gap in mind, that same person will buy it as a gift or recommend it to someone.

Good quality is something that would be crucially important, irrespective of the age group that you are targeting.

Also, make your brand approachable to people who look for it. Be available where maximum of your opponents don’t exist.


3. Optimize, Optimize, and Optimize!

Optimizing your brand with effective tools is crucial. Significantly, a lot of companies just over-look this, or don’t understand the importance. Measuring the important elements for a startup band, with strong marketing approach is the foundation.

Your audience will forget you with simple click of their mouse or browser. Only testing will show you the effectiveness of your campaign. Try hiring millennials for millennials, and study the response. Building a strong relationship with your customers will be the second strategy, and here whatever you do BEST is going to count.


4. Go An Extra Mile

Having an insight of the market, customers is valuable. The general rule of thumb is to increase the demand with supply. But, in reality, demand and supply is never measured with accurate figures. Ask questions. Why will you buy something that you don’t need?

However, you will still want to look at something, just to see why public is going bonkers for it. Innovative approach, courtesy, and an intensive lookout in personal branding is profitable.


5. Are You Researching History With Facts?

According to most of the surveys, about 50% of brand startups fail within their first 5 years of operation. This can be perhaps due to a couple of reasons, but wouldn’t we all agree that building a strong customer base has always helped businesses survive their initial break even period.

Building a strong relationship with your customers, not only ensures steady sales and an even flow of revenue, but also aids in forecasting new ideas for growth which is very important if you want to stay in the market.


6. What Can You Do?

Go easy on yourself. Don’t stress for something with obsession, but opt for passion. It will help you in bad days. And, it alone will help your brand to rise above others.

Strategic planning with professionals or your team will aid in choosing options. Follow the basic 4 rules, and then dream big.

With these 4 steps you can recognize your personal brand in front of all other competitors without any delay. So, let’s see how they make a difference.


7. Design Your Brand

Yes, that’s the initial step. Plan, design, work, draw, all that you can do in understanding your brand. Do research, understand what people want. Make rules. Try something different, apply it in your daily routine. Set key traits for your brand. Recognize the potential of your brand, and how you can use it to help and create a difference.


8. Did You Do Your Math?

Most startup brands ignore the practical approaches. Your presence on the internet is going to affect and effect your brand. A simple approach is to build a website, go for brand emails, offers, and your social profile. Be proactive. See what your competitors are offering. Try placing a better offer to attract potential customers.


9. Some Brainstorming Is Needed

Your brand is your story, and only YOU can decide how well you can write it. Your social profile and website is going to attract customers. Yes, with better tools, you will see results within a month or two. But hey! That’s not all.

People want to know your brand and if you are different from others, you need to show that. Better customer service will get you life-long customers. And, in order to retain those customers, you have to do your homework. Preach what you practice in your brand, with a vision. Results will show you exactly how strong this approach is.


10. Be Social

Oh! The main header of today’s digitally strong world. Millions of people are aware of billions of stories around the globe. If a person in South Africa wishes to do business with a US company, it is possible.

You can reach your customers across the globe in seconds with a strong online presence through social networking. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, all such social media platforms are what the big giants use.

They get platforms ready for discussion, they ask their customers what they want, and how they want. Talk, text, email – And BOOM! Your clients will love you.



These were just a few strong and initial steps for any startup brand. A digitally active market is awaiting your brand, and the best you can do to survive the initial phase is by doing your homework.

Apply the best strategies to get the competitive edge. Nothing is easy, but hard work always pay off. You may fall once, or twice. But, in the end, you have learnt something with a more profound reason for bouncing back.


  • Rafi Chowdhury

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