Start your day with the intention of being peaceful.

The way you start your day sets the tone for your entire day. Get up with the intention that today is a new day to enjoy your life & live in peace.


Meditation balances the mind, body, and spirit. Starting the day in balance will help you to handle whatever comes your way with grace.


Moving your body will help to keep you fit and relieve stress.

Play good music.

The right music can change the vibe of the whole home and everyone in it. If you allow yourself to get pulled into it, don’t be afraid to sing or dance.

Make your home smell good.

Essential oils, great smelling candles, a fresh breeze or something tasty in the oven all have a great way of transporting everyone to a place of bliss.

Limit stimulation that can be negative.

Time watching the news, on social media or listening to woes of a complaining friend are all activities that can take you away from the peaceful vibe you intend to create.


Laughter breaks tension. It triggers the body to release endorphins, decrease stress, and increase immune function.

Keep your home neat and clean.

A tidy home is a more relaxed home. If your housework has gotten away from you, choose one room to straighten and clean each day until your whole home is neat.

Practice mindfulness & mindful communication.

Mindfulness is being in the present moment on purpose without judgement. When you practice mindfulness with yourselves and others, you are better able to practice compassion. When you face your day with compassion, it changes the outcome of everything you do, see, feel, and experience.

Get enough sleep.

A sleep routine is essential to feeling rested. Without a sleep routine, you often have disrupted sleep patterns and don’t get enough sleep. Everyone feels more relaxed on a good night’s sleep.


  • Cindy Nolte

    Entrepreneur, Speaker & Professor

    Fresh Look on Life

    Cindy Nolte is the founder of Fresh Look on Life. She combines her background in training and development with extensive studies in mindfulness and holistic modalities. She works with clients and organizations to find hidden opportunities and make the changes they desire. She also speaks about topics like Creating a Culture of Mindfulness and Finding Peace in an out of Control World (based on her best-selling book).