If you are an inexperienced traveler, then you have to pay close attention to this list. It will get you out of trouble and make your experience away from home, something unique and addictive. Get ready to travel intelligently, safely and economically with these amazing tips!

1. Take your mobile phone or computer

You can prepare the trip in advance, write down the best places to eat or sleep. However, many times there are unforeseen events and it is just in these situations when a telephone or computer and internet can become your most important tool. Important words in the local language, addresses or the best scenarios to do on your personal screen.

2. Protect your home

Nowadays nobody, not even those who live in apartments are free from a robbery. Therefore, it is okay to take certain measures. You can leave valuables where a family member, turn on lights and the radio so they think someone is home, or if you have insurance, make an inventory of your belongings to claim later.

3. Objects for added security

You can buy a hidden wallet to store your money and passport, and put it very close to you all the time. You can also use a rubber lock for the door of your room and you will feel safer during the night.

4. Mail your purchases home

For all fans of shopping during travel, many times it becomes a torture to close the suitcase as the days go by. With respect to the airport, the situation becomes stressful, as there is a need to put on 10 layers of clothes to meet the maximum weight established per person. If this situation seems familiar, forget about the extra weight and send your purchases directly to your country of origin from the same store. For this, you have to pay an extra fee, but in many cases, it will be worth it.

5. You can get discounts for being a tourist

Many stores have this benefit to customers. It’s a matter of daring to ask and you can get a card with a discount of up to 11% great!

6. Travel for a little

Be sure to quote all the options of plane, train, bus, boat or even car. You can always find incredible offers on GetTransfer.com that will cause envy in your friends.

7. Small containers can be salvation

In many clothing stores and supermarkets, they sell container kits for shampoo, creams, toothpaste and other everyday products. These tubes are simply magical, and most importantly, they weigh in total the same as one of those products in their normal version could weigh. They will not be confiscated at the airport and the chances of spilling in your suitcase and leaving everything sticky are smaller due to their small size.

8. Get a card with benefits

In the market, hundreds of credit cards are offered. However, the most convenient to have, are those that allow you to accumulate kilometers in exchange for using them when paying. You will not be likely to be robbed of cash, and at the same time.

9. Rent an apartment

If you go in a group or with your family, an apartment may be the best option. They are cheaper than hotels, you will not have to share bathrooms or rooms with strangers as in the case of hostels, and not least, you will save the cost of eating in restaurants every day, since you will have your own refrigerator and kitchen to make whatever you want for dinner.

10. Efficient luggage

A small suitcase will always be better than a huge one. I know it is difficult, but it is better not to overdo it with clothes. Blue jeans, comfortable shoes, swimsuit or rain jacket depending on the weather, a pair of shirts and something to go out at night is all you could need. You must put the most important garments on top, do not forget the toiletries, and thus, ensure that you will be comfortable and light when you walk to the airport or enter the hotel.