The Invisalign system offers you multiple advantages if aesthetics is essential for you during your doctor treatment. To maintain it, we give you 10 important tips for the daily use of your professional orthodontic laboratory.

1. Time of use

As you have already seen, Invisalign allows you to remove and put on your clear teeth aligners or splints to eat, brush your teeth, go to a social event, … This is very comfortable but be careful, so that the treatment continues correctly and the expected result is achieved, they must be worn these clear teeth aligners at least 22 hours a day. Using the clear teeth aligners less time can influence the result of the same doctor treatment.

2. Cleaning the splints

Before putting on the clear teeth aligners, brush your teeth correctly, use dental floss or floss,… The splints should be brushed with a soft or medium toothbrush and cold soapy water (colorless and neutral). It is not convenient to clean them with toothpaste as this can make them more opaque, scratch and crack. Likewise, they should not be submerged or cleaned with mouthwash as this can damage them. Before placing them again you must rinse them with plenty of water.

3. Remove them to eat and drink

You should not eat or drink with the clear teeth aligners on. Therefore, at Propdental Clinics we advise removing them before each meal. Hot beverages should never be drunk with them on as this could damage, stain and deform them. If it would be possible to drink cold water.

4. Use his / her box to store the splints

When you remove the splints to eat or drink, always keep them in their box to avoid their loss. Also, keep your invisalign splints out of the reach of children and pets. Keep your clear teeth aligners away from heat sources such as microwaves, radiators, boiling water, and also from abrasive and / or chemical substances.

5. Change your clear teeth aligners

The clear teeth aligners will be changed normally every 15 days, but it will be your doctor who will tell you. You should always follow his instructions and if you have any questions you should consult with him.

Under no circumstances should you throw away old or already used clear teeth aligners, keep them. If any of your clear teeth aligners is broken or lost, you must notify your doctor without delay.

6. Putting on the alienators correctly

The keys to proper placement of the clear teeth aligners or splints are:

  • The clear teeth aligners should be fitted from the molars towards the incisors, that is, from back to front.
  • If the aligner doesn’t quite fit at first, you can help yourself by biting down on a Chewing or pen carefully.
  • Never place your clear teeth aligners biting with them, this can cause their fracture.

7. Correctly remove the invisible appliance

Invisalign clear teeth aligners or splints will be pulled back to front. That is, from the teeth to the incisors. Do not use too much force to remove these and avoid bending or twisting the clear teeth aligners to remove them. Also, do not use less sharp objects to remove the clear teeth aligners.

8. Tobacco

Although smoking is not a contraindication for Invisalign doctor treatment, you should know that if you smoke regularly with the clear teeth aligners on, they will stain turning more yellow. So, if you can’t quit smoking, follow the invisalign tips and tricks that we give at Prop dental and avoid smoking with your Invisalign splints on.

9. Take care of your attachments

Attachments are small balls of resin, the same color as your teeth that are placed in some of them to make the Invisalign treatment more effective. These help to exert greater force and rotate the teeth more easily. At least once a day, when you remove your clear teeth aligners to brush your teeth, check that your attachments are well positioned and defined and if one of them has come off, consult your doctor without delay.

10. The importance of reviews

Clinical check-ups or visits with your doctor are very important to control your doctor treatment, to perform a stripping if necessary, to recumbent an attachment, and to achieve the expected results. These visits will normally be every month and a half but this will always depend on each case, so always follow the instructions given by your doctor and if you have any questions, consult with them.