Every business owner would love a strategy to reduce stress and increase productivity within the company, right? Take a quick moment to think: How does your company culture affect those who work within it? Overloaded, stressed out employees aren’t helping your bottom line. What’s worse, their stress often starts before they even clock-in.

Here are ten tips to help reduce employee stress and get that productivity flowing.

Establish open communication

Your employees need to be equipped to have conversations they need to have. It’s definitely understated. Sometimes business owners take things for granted because they think they know their employees personally. Try not to assume the lines of communication are open, and make an effort to provide a safe space for employees to voice their concerns and challenges to you.

Actually listen to your staff

Business owners of all kinds need to master this aspect of management. During the course of any business day, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and get caught in the millions of things you have to do. However, looking your employees in the eye while they talk will help you slow down and be present in the moment. This way, you’ll hear what they’re saying and not get lost in your own head about that management meeting in twenty minutes. Read More