Most workers, as well as students of all levels, must work with Microsoft Word from one moment to the next. Although almost everyone knows the basic utilities and functions, there are numerous shortcuts and tools that will help you save time and feel a true expert on this platform. Discover them below! Also, You can Download Microsoft Word to Taking Your Business to the Highest Level.

1. Quick selection
To select an entire paragraph, make three quick clicks on any part of it while pressing Ctrl + click on a phrase will select it in its entirety. In addition, you can select a text rectangle by pressing Alt and then extending the cursor.

2. Divide the document into two
If you are editing very large texts, it can be very useful to generate two copies of the same document that you can open at the same time. To do this, just go to “View” and click on “Divide.” Once you want to reverse this action, select “Remove division”.

3. Quick navigation
If you want to navigate quickly within the document, use the shortcut “Shift + F5”, which allows you to go to the last place that was edited. In addition, it serves to move quickly through the last three or four places that were recently edited.

4. Write go anywhere in the document
If you want to write a word at the beginning and another at the end of the page, it is not necessary to press the space bar forever. Instead, double-click on the part of the page where you want to enter text, and that’s it!

5. Protect a document with a password
Avoid unwanted readings or modifications protecting your document with password: since you can set one for the opening of the document as well as for its edition.
Open an existing Word document or create a new one. The password is created at the moment of saving the document. If you want to set a password in a document that you have already saved, click “Save as.” Then go to the ” Tools ” menu that is displayed next to the “Save” button and click on ” General Options “, where a new window will appear in which you can enter two passwords, ” opening” and “writing”.

6. Create columns of different sizes
If you want your text to resemble that of a magazine or newspaper, it is easy to do so by creating a text consisting of two or more columns. However, not everyone knows that you can leave a shorter column and move on to the next, without having to complete it completely.
To do this, create a document or open one that already has columns. Then, direct the cursor to where you want to divide the text into columns. Go to the “Page Layout” tab. In “Configure page” go to the icon “Jumps”. A menu with various jump options will be displayed, from which you must select “Column”. Word will insert a column break, which will allow you to continue writing in the next one.

7. Numbering of pages
Incorporating a header or footer to number the pages of the document is very simple. However, sometimes the documents will have a cover that does not need to be numbered, so the best option would be to begin to number from the second page.
It’s very easy: go to the “Insert” tab, then “Page number”, select the location of the number, and then click on the “First different page” option.

8. Delete format
If you have applied a certain format to a text but then change your mind, select the text in question and press Ctrl + Spacebar simultaneously. If the format was applied using a Style, type Ctrl + Shift + N and the text will revert to the original style.

9. Switch from uppercase to lowercase
In addition to being able to shift to uppercase in one click, the option “Change uppercase and lowercase”, gives you the option to capitalize one letter of each word or the first of each sentence.
Select the word or words you want to modify (if it’s a single word, simply put the cursor over it). Go to the Home tab of Office, then click on ” Aa .” A list with 5 options will be displayed: Capital letters at the beginning of each sentence, Capitals, First letter of each word in capital letters and Inverting uppercase/lowercase letters. Choose the format that suits you.
Another even easier procedure is to select the text in question and press Shift + F3 until you get the desired format.

10. Decrease the resolution of the images.
If you want to save or send a document with images but they weigh too much, you must go to the tab “Formats”, and there choose “Compress images”. Then you can choose between different resolutions and compress all the photos of a document or just some.


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