Many parents want to keep memories. Not only for themselves, but also for their children. Time goes so fast and you cannot remember everything. But what do you keep and what do you not keep? And how can you keep memories in a handy way? These are 10 tips to keep beautiful memories for your children.

  • A baby box

The baby time often gives very nice memories. For example, you can save the cards that everyone sends as congratulations. It is also nice to save a birth announcement. Plus of course some beautiful baby photos. And a tuft of hair from the first haircut. But where do you leave all those things? It is useful and fun to construct a baby box. Choose a nice box or case or make one yourself. Here you keep the most important memories of the first year of your child. This way you keep everything together and you can easily find it again.

  •  A baby book

In recent years it has been completely ‘in’ to make a baby book. You can buy this ready-made in the store. You can write everything down there from the beginning of the pregnancy. About the family, about fun and special events, the birth and the first weeks of the baby. That is very nice for children to read when they are older!

  • Special photos

We live in the age of digital photos. And it’s pretty handy to have them on your phone. But that is also a disadvantage. Because old photos can be lost, for example, if your phone falls into the water. And even if you make backups through the use of Syncbackpro the best backup software. you will find that you never actually look through them again. So it is good to look into your phone (and that of your partner) every month and choose nice pictures from it. You put it in a special folder on your computer. You then, for example, make a photo album of the photos every year or every two years. This is how you have captured the photos forever.

  • Stuff from the game room/shelter

Your child will learn to tinker at the daycare. Of course, you save the first craftwork. But believe me: you really can’t save everything. So much comes homeā€¦ Choose a place in the house where the newest creations are hung. Regularly remove old crafts. Occasionally you choose a nice one that you keep separately. Choose a special box or suitcase for this too, which is slowly filled with memories.

  •  Crafts from school

And then your child goes to school. Many more craftworks are coming! Moreover, many works are also meant for you as a parent. For your birthday, father’s day, mother’s day and so on. Which do you keep and which do not? If you have limited space, you really cannot save everything. It is therefore wise to make a choice here too. For example a craft job per month. Then you end the school year with a nice stack of crafts, but your house will also be tidy.

  •  Reports exercise books and other school supplies

You must, of course, save reports. Certainly that of primary school and the annual reports of high school. It is very nice for your child to look back later at the figures that were obtained at that time. But it is also nice to keep some notebooks. You will notice that in recent years fewer and fewer school supplies are coming home because it is becoming more and more digital. On the one hand quite easy, but on the other hand, it is a shame that you miss those memories.

  •  Keep it nice

If you just throw all the memories in a big simple box, that is of course not very special. You better keep them nice. Choose a large suitcase or a beautifully decorated box. Try to fit all the memories in the box with a handy layout. This way you also have a guideline about the number of things you keep. By putting everything per child in one suitcase or box, you prevent the entire attic from being filled with old things.

  • Children’s toys and children’s clothing

Many people save children’s toys and children’s clothing for later. A very good idea! Toys in particular remain fun and your children really enjoy it when their children play with them again. With children’s clothing, you have to pay more attention. First of all, there is a good chance that the clothes will not come out of the attic that nicely. They often yellow, stain or even mould. In addition, fashion has changed considerably. The clothes look totally different in 20 or 30 years. And so there is a good chance that they will hardly be used. To save a little fewer clothes and choose only the nicest sets to save.

  •  Furniture and things

Finally, you have even bigger memories: furniture and things. For example, the cradle in which your children have slept. The old chest of drawers that belonged to grandma. And the cute decorations that had to make way for something new when your child grew up. Unfortunately, the attic is not stretchable. And so, you will also have to find out here what you keep and what you do not. Choose sustainable memories. If the cradle is still beautiful, your child may also want to use it himself if a grandchild is coming. But the chance that the decorations will also be used is small.

  1.  Share and give away memories

There are also memories that you will have to put away. Many things will end up in the trash bin because you really can’t keep everything. But what do you do with things that are still good? You can, of course, give it away. For example, give the children’s clothes that you do not keep to a good cause. You can often bring furniture along to the cycle. And old toys may also be suitable for sale. A handy tip: if your children are big enough you can sell things with them on the free market. Then you earn money and you have a nice day!


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