But what is a personal concierge? Imagine handing over your to-do list, having help packing for your next move or having your home organized again. Welcome to the world of the personal concierge. Very often, there is a common misconception that a concierge is a service provided by a hotel or a high end condo. True there is that but a personal concierge is not a hotel or condo concierge. They are lifestyle managers assisting you, on a personal level, with many different aspects of your life. 

Another misunderstanding is that hiring a personal concierge is only for the very wealthy. It’s not a service that anyone can afford. Fortunately, that is not the case. Very often you have the option to choose from either a la carte services or suitable cost-effective packages. Hiring a personal concierge can actually save you money, is affordable, makes life easier, healthier and it undeniably saves you time.  

Handing over some of your tasks to a personal concierge can help you reduce feeling overwhelmed and tired, and instead help you find relaxation, peace of mind and time to focus on the things that matter to you. A personal concierge can also become someone who will get to know you so well that they can remind you of things you need to follow up on before you even realize it. They are professionals who take pride in building solid relationships with their clients based on integrity and trust. The convenience of a personal concierge is invaluable. 

So how can they make your life easier:

1. Day-to-day errands – Running errands such personal shopping (retail or online), picking up groceries, gift buying, return or exchange merchandise, pickup and/or deliver items. Big time saver!

2. Housekeeping – Who loves housework? Most of us don’t but most of us love having a well-kept home that’s a welcoming retreat after a long day. A personal concierge can make that happen. 

3. Organize and declutter – From the kitchen to garage and every room in between, a concierge can get it organized, throw out the clutter (with your approval!) and even show you some upkeep tips!

4. Home décor and staging – For yourself or potential home buyers, a personal concierge can work with you to make your home more attractive and inviting. 

5. Relocation – Moving in or out of town a personal concierge can help with packing and unpacking and even get information about your destination.

6. Waiting service – Save your vacation days at work for vacation. A personal concierge can arrange, wait for and meet with a contractor, installation tech or any other service rep on your behalf at your home. 

7. House watch – Excellent service for professionals who travel regularly and peace of mind for those who are planning a vacation. A concierge can arrange to have your mail picked up, plants watered and even have fridge stocked for your return. 

8. Online research – Upcoming events, places to vacation, ordering tickets, registering for events just ask your personal concierge!

9. Party planning – A personal concierge can help with all the details – send out invitations, pick a theme, pick up the decorations, order the cake, arrange catering (if needed), order flowers and all with a personal touch. 

10. Maintenance check – Keep your house in tip-top shape by having a maintenance check done twice a year. A personal concierge can arrange this and advise you of any repairs that need your attention.