1- Get enough quality sleep

Sounds obvious right? However, most of us still aren’t clocking in enough zzz’s. To help ensure a better quality of sleep, make sure your room is dark, cool, and try and keep all electronics out of the bedroom. It should be your Zen space to rest, not to work, or be on your phone.

Now that’s how to sleep!


Nearly all of our systems don’t function properly when we’re dehydrated, which can lead to tiredness and poor concentration. Sun, AC, heating, recycled-air, exercise, and respiration all are dehydrating, so keep sipping water, not soda, throughout the day.

Making sure you’re drinking enough water every day, regardless of the season, will help your body to work efficiently and for you to feel more energized.

Nature knows best


Just not too close to bedtime! Caffeine takes a while to wear off and can make sleeping problems worse. So try to keep coffee consumption to the morning, or early afternoon at the latest (unless you’re working nights in which case this would be reversed).

Opt for caffeine sources such as coffee, and green or black tea. Tea should be the loose leaf or bag kind, not the sugary latte kind.

Avoid sugary caffeinated sodas, creamers, and syrups that add extra calories and sugar, and drink it straight up. Stevia’s a good sweetener option if you like it a little sweeter or even honey.

Caffeine is full of anti-oxidants and can also help reduce post-workout soreness, reduces chronic inflammation, and improves reaction time and logical reasoning.

Keep it black to save calories, sugar, and fat

4-Get Moving

It doesn’t have to be an epic gym workout; a little stretch, yoga, walk, just enough to get the blood and oxygen circulating. Although, if you want to do an epic workout that’s AWESOME too 🙂

5-Get Outside

Natural daylight and fresh air will help clear your lungs and increase the amount of oxygen that’s transported to your body’s cells which in turn equals more energy.

Just looking at this makes me feel better.

6-Add Maca Powder to Your Diet

Throw Maca in a smoothie, coffee, protein shake or oats. Maca is a caffeine-free, nutritionally dense super-food with high amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and all of the essential amino acids.

7-Eat Frequently and Healthily

Rather than eating 2-3 big meals a day, try eating smaller more frequent meals to help keep your blood-sugar levels even.

This helps prevent energy lows after going too long between meals. Opt for complex carbohydrates, unprocessed sources of protein, and a small amount of healthy fat at each meal.

8-Avoid Refined Sugar

So this may sound like no fun, but sugar will give you a temporary energy rush, and then send you crashing down. The more sugar you eat, the more you’ll tend to crave it. Try 3 days without sugar and see what happens!

I know it tastes good but your body will thank you for skipping it.

9-Practice Good Posture

This can have an immediate effect, in that it allows the arteries that bring blood to our brain to become unrestricted, and it saves energy, as the muscles don’t have to compensate for the job of the skeletal system.

10-Listen to Music That Makes You Feel Good.

Create a playlist or tune into your favorite station; whatever it is that uplifts you and makes you feel more energized. Music can have a huge impact on our current emotional state.

Have any ways you like to boost your energy throughout the day that I haven’t mentioned? Share them with us below, we love hearing from you.

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