No one is born with all the confidence in the world. We were all once squishy little babies that could only do nothing but cry and whine. However certain factors most especially from the environment we were born into started to impact us and formulate a pattern for our lives and before long we all evolved into who we were today. While it is true that genetics play a part in forming our character and personality, a huge part of how we perceive and see ourselves is a function of where and how we grew up.

Thus we can say, that the level of self-esteem and confidence you have today is primarily a function of how you were raised and not a natural or permanent part of who you are. The bottom line is this, no matter how low your self-confidence is at the moment it’s not a permanent fixture of your character and you can do something to boost it for your own good if you want to. Here are 10 ways that you can build your confidence every day.

It’s all in your head

Confident people have something that you do not, and it’s not a prettier face or a stronger voice. They simply believe they can do the things you feel you cannot do. In simple term, positivity. Confidence is all about being sure that you can do anything. And it’s all in your mind. Staying positive always even when you don’t feel like is the key to building confidence.

Tune up your body

Have you noticed that the confident people you always look up to seem to walk taller than everybody else and have a sort of gait in their steps? You can be the same way too. Simply changing your posture, keeping your head up rather than slouching and keeping a smile on your face boosts your confidence.


Asides being good for your overall body health, exercising regularly is one of the ways to keep your confidence level at its peak. When your body feels good, you will feel good too and feel strong enough to take up the world.

Dress confident

Your appearance goes a long way in determining your level of confidence. When you look good, you feel good and this can help boost your self-image and in the long run your confidence.

Be prepared

The fear of failure is one of the major things that brings down self-confidence. Adequate preparation eliminates the possibility of failure to the barest minimum and keeps your mind in topnotch shape to take on the seemingly impossible.

Surround yourself with positivity

Your cycle is another thing to watch. Are you friends with people that intimidate you spare no words in bringing you down at every opportunity? If yes, then you are not doing your self-esteem any good. Surround yourself with positive people that encourage you always.

Speak to yourself

While it is very good to listen to the opinion of others and their views on you. the best advice you should ever listen to is yourself. Be your own biggest critique and your biggest fan as well. Loudly speak to yourself and motivate yourself daily. You can have a personal mantra or slogan that will lift you up whenever you feel yourself slipping.

Draw confidence from your achievements

Build your confidence on a track record of achieved goals. Success achieved even in small tasks can be extrapolated and used as motivation and confidence boost for bigger tasks. Document your achievements no matter how little they are and look back at them whenever you have a task at hand and feel your confidence failing

Be sure

When you are unsure of a decision, you are most likely going to feel less confident about following through with it. this is why it is recommended that you try as much as possible to absolutely show that the decision you are making is the right one always. Preferably build a set of working principles for yourself and make sure every pf your actions and decisions align with it. once a decision aligns with it simply follow through and never look back.

Accept the reality of failure

As a final rule, you need to be able to accept the reality and possibility of failure. No matter how much you are able to build your confidence, you might still fail at some tasks. When you do simply pick up yourself and stand up tall again.

About the writer

Sally Kirchell lives in Rosalie, Brisbane and helps run an online art business called Blue Horizon Prints, she is a mother of 2 lively children, a parent to 3 dogs, a keen writer, traveller and photographer and women that needs a holiday with lots of margaritas after juggling all these things.