wedding flowers

If you are here at this moment reading this blog, there is a chance that at some point, your wedding
planning became overwhelming. One moment, you were all excited, and the next, you are
wondering if it is all worth it. Take a minute before you do and realise that you are not alone. All the
rearranging of jobs and coordination you are doing is enough to turn anyone into a nervous wreck.
Breathe… Things WILL get better.

Here at Music 8 Agency, we believe all the wedding planning can stay fun. You can have a positive
wedding planning experience. All you have to do is deal with the anxiety, and you will be well on
your way. It should be fun to hire a band, choose a suitable venue and choose your flowers, for
example. So we have decided to share this post with you. Here are ten ways to deal with anxiety so
that your journey can become a fun experience.

• Accept Your Feelings

A pivotal step to sorting out your anxiety is accepting that it exists in the first place. Couples wil
often find themselves too caught up in their planning to even consider their mental health. So, you
will find yourself having these feelings but rejecting to address them. The problem is that while it is
normal to feel a little nervous about your special day, this should only be a little. If you feel worse
and discover you have more undesirable feelings about the whole thing than positive ones, it is time
to face what is going on squarely.

• Pinpoint the Reason

After acceptance, the next move is to find out why. What specifically is getting to you? Does your
heartbeat a bit faster whenever you hear the words “Wedding Budget?” If this is it, then you may be
avoiding talking about it which will only make things worse. An open conversation will take a
massive burden off your shoulders. That way, you can know exactly how much budget you have for things like your photographer, wedding venue, or acoustic wedding singers. As a bonus, you will be avoiding future stress by sorting this out on

• Realise That Perfection Is Impossible

Have you ever wondered how the world would be if everything went according to plan? Boring is the
answer. Imperfection is a huge part of human existence and will show up in your wedding planning
too. So be prepared to deal with it. Do not get too bent out of shape, trying to make sure that every
single thing goes according to plan. Just do your best, accept that you have made good choices, put
in the necessary work, and then just watch things unfold. Keep in mind that what really matters is
that you will be marrying the one you love.

• Keep a Sense of Humour

It is important to make sure you never lose your sense of humour during this process. Those late
nights laughing about things gone wrong with your partner will make for excellent memories in
future. Be silly with each other and just keep the best things in perspective. What is that, you ask? It
is your love, of course!

• Set Yourself Healthy Goals

Aiming for your wedding planning process to be stress-free is an impossible task. That makes it an
unhealthy goal. Instead, focus on how you will handle stress and anxiety when it happens. One good
way is to guarantee that you plan your wedding based on you and your partner’s core values instead
of what your anxiety says. When you are feeling anxious about a decision, try to focus on the
decision and not your anxiety.

• Mindfulness Is Very Important

Find the meditation and mindfulness techniques that work for you. They will help you cope with and
manage your wedding planning anxiety much easier. Studies have proven that just a few minutes of
meditation in a day can work wonders.

• Set Yourself Boundaries

This is another thing that could cause anxiety during wedding planning. All those confusing rules
disguised as advice from friends and families could pile up and make you confused. If you find that
those close to you contribute to your wedding anxiety in this way, it might be time to set
boundaries. A simple but firm “Thank you, but we have already sorted our string quartet out” could do the magic.

• Find an Outlet

All that anxious energy that you build up needs to go somewhere. Channel it into helpful things like
reading a good book or exercising. You could even get started on a hobby you have been meaning to
do for a while. Long walks and other activities that help you relax could also come in handy here.

• Eat Healthy Foods

Do not worry; we are not about to have a go about your diet. That is another thing that could cause
stress for couples, by the way. Just be yourself. That is who your partner loves and is excited about
getting married to. That aside, eating healthy foods can positively affect your mental health, leading
to less stress. All those high energy snacks you are reaching for because you are stressed could be
the problem. They just make your body even more stressed.

Instead, make sure you get your three meals in a day. Healthy snacks as an alternative are also a
great idea. Overall, remember that your body tends to break down proteins more when you are
stressed. So include protein in every meal. It will help keep your energy levels more balanced during
the day.

• Always Ask for Help

Like we said earlier, you are not alone. A simple talk with your partner or a professional wedding
planner could help. Your friends and family could also have a tip or two to chip in that could help. So,
do not hesitate to talk to them and get any assistance that you may need. If you find that the above
does not help, or you are experiencing symptoms like panic attacks, it could be time to seek professional help. You will feel much better about it, and your wedding experience will be more
awesome as a result.