How do you do it all? How do you not burnout?
I often get asked these questions, so I wanted to share my tips.

  1. Prioritise. Yes now vs not now! This is something I do every single day
  2. Have non negotiables that you live by eg logging off at a certain time or not working at the weekend (this really helps you prioritise)
  3. Outsource what you can. We don’t feel guilty paying someone to cut our hair, so why feel guilty paying someone to clean our house?
  4. Trust: That others can do things as good or better than you. This helps with delegation
  5. Choose gratitude. Even on the busiest and stressful days, challenge yourself to think of just 1 thing you’re grateful for
  6. Make space for what gives you energy every week – for me it’s helping people so sharing content / coaching / mentoring all tick this box for me
  7. Choose if you give something 0/10 or 10/10. Life’s too short for 7 out of 10’s!
  8. Spend 5 mins every day doing something that makes you smile. Read a book, cuddle your kids or dance around the kitchen… just 5 mins!
  9. Recognise when your inner critic is talking to you and decide to listen to your inner cheerleader instead (they’re much kinder!)
  10. Know it’s a myth that anyone can actually do it all!… It’s all an illusion caused by doing all of the above well!