Do you stare in the mirror every morning looking at every body part feeling miserable? Do you jump on the scales every day and instantly feel let down by the number that pops up? Do you compare yourself to the other women in your life?

You are not alone. This routine is happening amongst many women every single day, and quite frankly it must stop. This repeated behaviour can lead to an obsession with negative thoughts about yourself, eating disorders, body disorders, depression, anxiety, and many other health problems tat can easily be prevented.

You may find it difficult to simply switch the button and love your body; however you will find it incredibly difficult to enjoy life when you feel negatively about your body. You have wasted hours upon hours on hating your body, why waste any more time doing this routine?

The Feeling Amazing Factor

Do those four words sound a little alien? Perhaps it is time to realise how amazing you already are and shake off those bad thoughts. Let’s start right now!

By feeling amazing about your body it will help to give you an incredible boost in confidence. With the added confidence you will feel better at work, with your exercise, with eating healthy food and enjoying relationships with family, friends and your partner. It all goes hand in hand – you do one little change and it compliments the next change. The more of these you do, the more amazing you feel, which boosts your feeling amazing factor.

When you feel good you put more energy into exercise, you make better habits with nutrition and generally relax with yourself. The added bonus to this is the changes it will make to your body from your consistent efforts, such as fat loss, muscle definition, increased energy and loving who you are right now.

Don’t overlook the finer details

Many women simply try to focus on losing weight and changing shape without working on the other factors which will help with the results for the long term, aka life. It is not all about deprivation, frustration and restriction. You can achieve love your body whilst being energised, enjoying the changes and feeling fantastic with yourself.

To finally feel good about your body you must steer away from just cutting out all the food and running the treadmill, instead focus on the below points.

1 – Show Respect

This is the only body you will have so start showing respect for it. Be kind and caring to the body you have, accept who you are.

2 – Be Grateful

Instead of focusing on how your body looks from the outside, think of all of the wonderful attributes and strengths your body has from the inside. Make a gratitude list of all the things you appreciate about your body now.

3 – Redefine

You do not have to meet the standards set by society in order to prove your worth. You are already beautiful. Set your own standard of beauty.

4 – Indulge in Pleasure

Remember to allow yourself pleasure. Do not get caught up in all of the other tasks in life, whilst forgetting your own pleasure. This can mean many things such as dancing to your favourite music without a care in the world, enjoying a coffee at a quaint café, meeting a friend for a catch up, experiencing a new activity, buying flowers for your home, taking a sweet lie in bed one morning, or enjoying some time with your partner.

5 – Stop Comparing

This is one activity that must stop. You are you, and that other person is simply that other person. Comparing yourself to a celebrity, model or athlete is pointless as many of these people are airbrushed in the pictures. Plus do you live that same lifestyle to achieve the same results?

6 – Body Booster

Wear clothes that show off your favourite assets. Wear your favourite top. Put on your favourite earrings. Add a touch of colour with jewellery, lipstick or blusher. Try different hairstyles. Wear, do and experiment with the things that you love.

7 – Support

Surround yourself with positive people who uplift you. Be around successful, happy and loyal people. The friends and acquaintances that smile more and make you laugh will help to make you feel full of oomph!

8 – Negative to Positive

Switch negative thoughts to a positive one. As soon as a negative thought creeps in, throw in a positive thought and you will instantly feel better for the change. Every morning tell yourself three positive thoughts – about yourself, your day ahead and what you love.

9 – Nutrition

The better your daily food choices the better you will feel. This goes for both mind and body as the nutrition will help to make your body feel good whilst you feel great for eating lots of delicious healthy food.

10 – Be Active

Aim to keep your body active every day. This does not mean pushing it hard at the gym every day but simply keeping it moving. For example: three days a week do a strength training session or high intensity interval workout, two days a week do a hobby, play a sport or maybe do cardio if you enjoy it, and the other two days take a leisurely walk, stretch and relax.

Give these 10 steps a go and notice how amazing you start to feel about your body. Take imperfect action and start today!

You deserve to feel like a goddess.