Increase Productivity In Workspace

Do you often feel lost as soon as you reach your office and cannot figure out where to begin first? Or do you spend time on unnecessary things like morning gossip forgetting about the upcoming meeting? Well, don’t worry! Such situations can occur with any of us. But the real question here is how to increase productivity at work so that the employees are happy to spend limited time with utmost productivity and employers are happy with the business.

You can always make your workplace the best zone to show your capabilities, be happy with your own achievements and increase efficiency with very little steps. Hence, save your time from one place and invest the rest of it to learn something new, be it a new skill or simply spend some romantic time with your partner. 

Ways To Increase Productivity In Workspace

  1. Finish The Demanding Task First

Heard about the concept ‘Eat the frog’? Well, this means that instead of spending time in petty tasks in the morning, invest your replenished energy in the most hectic task. The content and happy feeling of wrapping up a tough task beforehand tunes you into a productive day. You can finally assure yourself that the rest of the day is going to be smooth or at least, free from the work load.

  1. Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking seems a really good aspect for once but it impacts the quality of work as well as reduces the productivity towards a particular task. When you switch between multiple tasks at a time, your productivity can slow down by 40%. It is always advised to focus on one task at a time and get the best output.

  1. Keep Right Tools With You

A smart tool which can keep you uptight could be a great solution to increase productivity at work. For example, ClickUp app! You can instantly combine every official task in one single place like to-do lists, project management, spreadsheets, emails, chats, goal track, reminders, events, etc. Who wants to open different apps if there are different works assigned to you? None, we believe! So, make better choices for yourself now!

  1. Standing Meetings

Meetings done in a creative way could not only enhance the productivity in work space but also keep the employees active. The idea of having sitting meetings could be sidelined and one must try standing or outdoor meetings. Fresh air, active body movement and flowing ideas could really help in flourishing the business.

  1. Take Breaks To Stretch

Too much sitting only leads to a couch potato and lethargic mind. And in order to increase productivity, this course needs to be deviated. After every 1 hour, get up from your chair and stretch your whole body. Take deep breaths, walk for a while, sip a cup of green tea or talk to a colleague and come back in 5 minutes. Make sure that you don’t waste your time to keep yourself going in a productive manner.

  1. Turn Off The Notifications

No matter how long you are stuck with your chair, if your phone is buzzing constantly then the chances of quality work go down. No, we are not saying that you completely stop looking at your phone but you can at least be decisive about not checking Instagram stories or WhatsApp messages for next half an hour.

  1. Make Your Desk A Happy Place

Ahh, this is an absolutely relevant point when it comes to increasing productivity in the workspace. If your desk has a nice flower pot, a small Buddha statue, picture of your kid or anything that enlightens your mood, wouldn’t that be a beautiful way to start and even end a day? We bet it would. So, try to give your eyes and soul a good treat and you will automatically be able to increase your productivity.

  1. Make Realistic Goals

Under overwhelming conditions, we tend to forget the reality and make goals that are hard to achieve, ultimately causing mental stress. The best way to stay out of such a situation is making your goals in a step by step manner. Your today’s goal could be as small as scanning a file but this gives you confidence to achieve the next one soon. 

  1. Music Therapy

Oh no, we are not talking about any specific therapy here. You already know how music can kill the stress and bring back wandering minds to the focus. Right? This is why you must try playing music of your favorite genre in a low volume and keep working. You will notice that not only your productivity is increased but your mood is also light and cheerful throughout the day.

  1. Keep Hydrating

If you think how hydration helps in increasing productivity in the workplace, you may want to know that it keeps your body and brain active for all day work load. You are actually watering your thoughts with beautiful ideas at one end whereas improving digestion, nutrient circulation and maintaining energy levels on the other. Now how will you not perform better when your whole body is acting better? You ultimately will!

Keep Smiling!

Maintaining a positive attitude in tough situations and smiling throughout the time reduces stress and strengthens your surroundings. You will notice that even if you don’t wish to seek help from others, your positivity attracts them towards you. Also if you are working remotely then use remote access software to avoid interruption. So, we believe that you will now not only increase your productivity in the workspace but also help others in doing so.