The brain is the most powerful tool humans have in their arsenal. This organ is in charge of nearly everything that is happening with our body and it assists us in the perception of reality. Besides its great power, the brain is also very fragile and it’s up to you to keep it healthy and operative.

While this organ can overlook multiple autonomous and voluntary functions of the body, every person should do everything in their power to train it and keep it sharp as years go by. There are plenty of ways to successfully exercise the brain and the text below will provide you with some of the most useful ones.

Stay active

Nothing can harm your brain as inactive behavior. People who tend to sit or lay the most of the day can develop multiple brain dysfunctions in older age. That’s the reason why you should stick to your exercise routine regardless of your age.

Of course, it is important to keep your body safe while training, so your muscles can rest and be ready for the next training. In order to keep your brain sharp as you age, you should do regular aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes per session. You don’t have to run every single day since every other day will do the trick.

Eat healthy food

As mentioned above, the brain is very powerful but is also very delicate. That’s the reason why you should pay attention to what and how much you eat. Too much or too little energy can really affect your brain function in a negative way. In order to work properly, the human brain needs to be treated with a low glycemic diet which includes moderate amounts of protein and fat, and a lot of fibers. Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and nuts if you want to remain focused and protect your brain.

Don’t neglect your body

It is very important to do everything you can to prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes and hypertension. All of them are tightly connected with increased risk of cognitive decline and memory impairments. The best way to lower the risk of getting one of the listed diseases is to quit smoking and avoid ingesting saturated fat. If you keep your circulatory system in good condition, chances for age-related brain damage will be much lower.

Get enough sleep

The brain is in charge of processing countless pieces of information every second, and not getting enough rest can really mess them up. Once you fall asleep, the brain will continue to work, but it will get rid of all memories that are not important. Other information will get stored in long-term memory, and that’s the reason why sleeping is crucial for learning. If you avoid good night sleep, proteins will build upon synapses, and that will prevent you from clear thinking and remembering new things.

Coffee is good for the brain

It looks like caffeine habit may protect your brain functions. If you drink two to four cups of coffee daily, you may prevent cognitive decline caused by age, and decrease the incidence of Alzheimer’s by 30 to 60 percent. It is hard to say if caffeine or antioxidants found in coffee and tea are responsible for these benefits, but it will be clear in the next 10 years or so. Until then, keep boosting your brain with a cup of hot tea or coffee and rest assured you’ll avoid dementia caused with age.

Eat fish regularly

There are some theories that suggest that eating fish was responsible for the evolution of our tremendous cognitive power. Science is backing up that claim by finding that fatty acids, especially Omega 3’s are essential for proper brain function. It looks like fatty acids can help in preventing and treating depression and similar brain conditions. As you already know, depression can negatively affect our brains, so go ahead and include fatty fish, flax seeds, and grass-fed animals in your diet.

Get rid of stress

Modern times brought a lot of improvements when it comes to life standard, but the price is mental health. There are so many expectations from every person, and the tasks they need to do during their lives, and most of them are causing people a lot of stress. It is crucial to work on stress management on daily basis. Hanging out with friends and family can lower stress levels, and that can be also achieved with breathing exercises, yoga, and crafting. If you manage to lower the stress, your memory will improve so your brain will remain healthy and strong.

Avoid taking supplements

Supplement hype is well behind us since it looks the whole story around them is not really true. Different experiences state that pills such as ginkgo, melatonin, and multivitamins are not working at all. While these supplements have “natural” origins, they are not free of damaging side effects. Some of them can cause high blood pressure, fertility problems, depression or digestion trouble. It looks like all of these pills are providing with nothing else than a placebo, so feel free to stop using them at all.

Learn to play chess

This ancient game stayed relevant throughout many centuries and there are a bunch of reasons for that. Game of chess will positively affect your strategy and planning, and these can be used in the real life. Other than that, it pretty clear by now that chess has multiple mental and physical benefits, and it is never late to learn to play it. This game can bring you closer to your friends who are also interested in training their brains. Combination of brain exercise, socialization and competition will help you remain sharp regardless of your age.

Never stop learning

The human brain is very plastic and will do whatever you want. You can get it overwhelmed with repetitive thoughts, overthinking and anxiety, but you can treat it with something new as well. If you choose the later, your memory will improve and your brain will keep working well.

Make sure to read every day, finish at least one sudoku, and write a couple of sentences about your day. All of these activities will help you learn something new, and that’s very important to keep the brain in good health and condition. Another great exercise is to repeat or write down whatever you learned during the day.

Final thoughts

As you can see, sticking with healthy habits can really improve your brain function and keep it healthy for many years to come. The more you use your brain, the better it will get. You don’t need to follow all the tips listed above, but it will be great if you do. If you implement these simple strategies into your daily routine, you’ll notice numerous benefits in no time and your life will get much more fun and filled with happiness.