Exactly one year ago today, I published the first edition of The Amare Wave Wednesday newsletter, with the intent of inspiring people to do one thing every Wednesday that uplifts and connects them and others. It was something I had in mind even before the pandemic, but the overwhelming sense of fear and crisis made the work feel even more urgent. I wanted to show people that even in the midst of immense change and uncertainty there was a powerful way – an Amare Way – to improve business by putting love to work. Rereading it again now, I was surprised how relevant that original first edition remains. Here it is as a first anniversary edition, updated for our world today. 

Finding Good in a Crisis – Why Not

The Chinese symbol for “crisis” is made up of two characters. One means danger. The other means opportunity.

The opportunity part is often overlooked. A crisis – like the COVD-19 pandemic – cuts through our defenses and denials and invites us to tune into what really matters, and be conscious and purposeful in our choices. Every moment of a crisis is a chance to let go of an old habit or way of thinking that is no longer healthy, and to adopt something new in its place.

Key “crisis questions” for you to ponder:

  • What significant things in your life and work has the COVID-19 pandemic brought to your attention?
  • What changes in thinking or habits have you or your organization made, that you want to last well beyond this pandemic?
  • What opportunities for growth do you see that build on your pandemic experiences – negative and positive?

“Lockdown” by Friar Richard Hendrick

All over the world people are slowing down and reflecting

All over the world people are looking at their neighbours in a new way

All over the world people are waking up to a new reality

To how big we really are.

To how little control we really have.

To what really matters.

To Love.

The poem excerpted here very quickly went viral last April, just weeks into the pandemic. Consider if and how you have slowed down in this pandemic and what you’ve experienced as a result. It may be the greatest gift of all. 

Here are a couple powerful resources that may help you remember and gain perspective: 

50 Ways Companies Are Giving Back During The Coronavirus Pandemic (Forbes, April 2020)

Those We’ve Lost (NY Times, April 2021)

10 Ways To Put the Power of Love to Work Today

1. Say thank you right now, 100 times in a row.

2. Tell your colleagues you appreciate them for being them.

3. Send customers a note that simply says “Thank you for letting us serve you” – or if you dare, “We love you.”

4. Reach out to everyone in your supply chain to let them know you’re stronger together, or even “We love you.”

5. Start every meeting with a brief moment of silence just to breathe, connect and be together.

6. Ask your team to list three ways your company makes the world a little better.

7. Invite your people to take ten seconds to feel grateful for the good your organization does.

8. Let your people know you have moments of fear too, and how finding gratitude helps overcome it. Give an example.

9. Before you make any big decision, feel gratitude for what is good.

10. Love yourself. In this moment, right now, just love you.

Were you inspired by these ideas for putting love to work in your organization today? I believe love is powerful and businesses are the most powerful force for good that exists in modern society. To have a business world that leads with love and rejects fears requires just a few small consistent steps be taken by many, many individuals. Please consider sharing this article with a friend or colleague – together we can help grow the Amare Wave!

Today’s Amare Wave Wednesday Quote

“And this too shall pass.”

―Medieval Persian Sufi poet


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