In the last year, nearly every major social network has rolled out latest features to enhance the user experience and expand the platform’s performance. Twitter raised its character count, Snapchat launched its Lens Studio and Instagram gave users the ability to save “highlights” from their Stories.

  1. Polls Although your brand may possibly not have an excuse for every single new

social media toolthat emerges, it’s wise to access the trend bandwagon and try out these functions to see what works along with your followers. We gave a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members the following prompt:

A technique we’ve seen engagement boost with our audience is by using polling options. Using polls with your social media can be fun, interactive and creative. Along with the elevated engagement, you also get a stronger comprehension of who your audience is as well as their preferences. – Jordan Edelson, Appetizer Mobile LLC
 2. ‘Snackable’ content
We began creating snackable content to share on social media. Whether it’s a short, interesting video with subtitles or a quote with a beautiful image, think of ways you can deliver your content in the very best way. You may find that your snackable content ends up being the most organically shared. – Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

3. Facebook live

s A chance to go live on Facebook gives people and brands a greater reach than the usual standard post. Attempt to add this to your announcements mix as it will pay off. Permit the experience to become authentic and provide some content that’s short, valuable and entertaining. Using this method, you’ll consult with many prospects, and it’ll increase your total social reach beyond just the video. – Baruch Labunski, Rank Secure
4. Chat bots

We’re heavy users of Facebook, and we’ve recently started using messenger chatbots included in our marketing plan. Right now, we have it create where individuals can message our business page and use a ‘choose your own adventure’ path. We ask them numerous questions that can branch into numerous paths and eventually lead to us getting more appointments looking for our sales team. – Justin Cooke, Empire Flippers
5. Facebook retargeting

We additional a Facebook pixel to your site to market to people who have been to our site before. We are going to market blog posts for them to acquire them to come back to our website and potentially buy something. Most people don’t purchase something the first time they visit your site, it takes multiple visits to develop trust with the brand. – Jared Atchison, WPForms
6. Live Q&A sessions

Holding a live Q&A session enables you to engage with customers and prospects in real time. This can be done on Facebook Live, in a web seminar, Periscope or other platforms. This provides people a feeling of participating along with your brand and you may make yourself more dynamic. A variation on this is to interview one more expert inside your field as long as it’s not a direct competitor. – Shawn Porat, Scorely
7. Facebook groups

Create Facebook groups and offer interesting content to members. This serves as a great way to attract potential clients and keep existing clients engaged. The groups need to be associated with your brand and they ought to not seem like a direct advertisement. Such as, we created Discover NYC and College Students USA and post about interesting events, restaurants and deals in the groups. – Sama Jashnani, DownToDash
8. Current event-based social posts

It’s vitally important to be current. We attempt to focus on current events to interact our audience on different social media channels. We have alerts create for specific keywords in our industry via Google Alerts and some other online tools. When we see news relating to those keywords, we then post online with particular calls to action. It has been incredibly useful in getting new leads. – Michael Hsu, DeepSky
9. LinkedIn groups

We work for startups in our local area so we have formulated a LinkedIn group for startups in the region. We constantly post new content for startups, like startup events, tips and helpful material that draws them to us. This has made us extremely popular in the local area and we have been receiving plenty of leads through the LinkedIn group. A really specific group works really great. – Piyush Jain, SIMpalm
10 Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, a brand new Instagram function released in 2016, has recently exceeded Snapchat in users. We find how the stories feature is a superb way to engage Instagram users. You are able to conduct polls, drive users to your blog or specific landing page, feature influencers, highlight promotions and generate overall brand visibility. – Angela Pan, Ashley Chloe Inc.