You may have heard of “unboxing.” Basically, people make videos of themselves taking things (usually tech products, but sometimes other items) out of boxes.

I coined the term “unbagging” this morning.
In short, unbagging is the antidote for those moments when I’m feeling like an old bag. It involves certain action steps and self-talk to get myself out of “crone-mode” and start to feel youthful again.

You will not, however, be seeing any videos here. I’m still perfecting my abilities to shoot and post myself, as I combat my own issues about the narcissistic aspects of it. Plus, at my age, I feel compelled to put on make-up and blow-out my hair before I shoot selfie videos and that seems like a whole lot of work.

When I’m feeling especially baggy and saggy, I:

  1. Hang out with everyday people who are way older than I am who are doing amazing things. This woman, for example, is getting ready to climb Kilimanjaro (again) at 88.
  2. Read about entrepreneurs who started terrific ventures after 60.
  3. Avoid people who complain about their aches and pains.
  4. Go for a hike, spin, or do something else that involves other people of all ages. The endorphins get me out of the “old place” in my head.
  5. Geek-out with someone about biohacking and talk about how we’ll be able to live to 125, replace our body parts, and keep our brains functioning at a high level.
  6. Find a group of engaged younger people and mentor. Or, tell them funny stories about what life was like in the days of fax machines and microfiche. It helps me realize how far I’ve come and how much I know.
  7. Avoid websites and articles that focus exclusively on “young, fierce, fabulous founders.” I think that people who start businesses at an early age are brave and committed. I just prefer to see media that shows more cross-generational collaboration and focuses less on age.
  8. Avoid the scale and magnifying mirrors. Simply walk away.
  9. Worried about failing eyesight? Treat yourself to a spectacular pair of specs. I just found a company in LA that custom-designs eyewear (including glasses made from old comic books and vinyl albums). Not only will you see clearer, but they can be a great conversation-starter.
  10. Above all, celebrate the positive attributes of a well-worn “bag” that has traveled around the world, had many adventures and bears a few scratches and dents from memorable moments.

Join me in the unbagging movement. By looking inside ourselves, we’ll find those signs of youth and wisdom that will always be part of our “life luggage.” After all, leather gets cooler with age!

Still life with laptop, funky glasses, and caffeine. Three things that always cheer me!


  • Nancy A Shenker

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