I wish you all Ladies a happy women's day

We meet them again and again on our way: people who encourage, inspire us, accompany us on the part of our way.

Sometimes they are like angels by the wayside who appear out of seemingly nowhere. Sometimes they stay for a while, become friends; then again, it was only a brief experience, a certain sentence, the lines of an almost stranger that showed us new paths, gave us answers, and gave us essential hints.

Today I would like to introduce you to eleven of these companions who have particularly inspired and accompanied me this year in my blog. What I have learned from them and what they have given me on my way.

Ten women who particularly inspired me this year:

  1. Anna Splash. Anna combines writing with silence and makes the unnamable more tangible. It reminds me again and again of my being connected and attached, of the value of deep silence – and of the words that can arise from it, of its transformative and healing power, and that the terms are also my medicine.
  2. Cambra Skadé. Cambra reminds me again and again of the magic that I can happily invite and use at any point in my life. From Cambra, I take the strength, perseverance, lust for life, joy of change, and the sense of the sacred and every day with me on my way and weave it into my map of life (as she so appropriately puts it).
  3. Karin Jana Beck. Jana’s vocal ritual group, as well as the annual Gross Singer in Bern with her, have become a piece of home for me. The songs of the heart and strength that I sing with and with her have something so clear, simple, archaic, and deeply reminiscent that connects me again with what is really essential for me in my life.
  4. Ingrid Geisser. This year I took the courage from Ingrid to raise my voice again and again and let it ring out. To stand by her and thus by me, regardless of whether it sounds crooked, straight, bright, or deep. I sing with her sometimes here, sometimes there, and again and again at annual festivals.
  5. Hella Suderow. This year, Hella gave me a new approach to femininity. I was able to feel the injuries, and the forces, around this topic deeply, experienced the supporting circle of women’s groups even more deeply, and took a mindful and very conscious approach to partnership and sexuality into my everyday life.

Recognize companions. Accept support. Knowing accompanies me on my way.

  • Lea Hamann. My path to self-employment began five years ago with an online seminar with Lea. Your newsletters and blog posts still accompany me on my way, inspire and empower me. Lea repeatedly reminds me to stand for my own truth and powerfully take my place in this world.
  • Stefanie Aufleger. Stefanie accompanied me as a management consultant for three months this year. Her clarity and persistence, the way she lives, stands in the world, and leads her company, inspire and strengthen me in the long term. And encourage me to go new, unimagined, holistic paths.
  • Laya Kirsten Commenda. Laya and I know each other for a while now, and her newsletter and blog posts run like colorful dots this year. It makes me laugh, marvel, think, repeatedly say yes to life – with everything that is. And I’m happy to be at home with a weekend seminar in your yoga studio in Linz, Austria.
  • Regina Schlager. Regina and I are living proof of what wonderful things can come from the community instead of competition (such as a blog post, a podcast and other projects that we are currently working on). Although we both work as coaches for women who consciously shape their lives and want to go their own way and don’t live that far away.
  • Verena Amrein. Verena touched me as an old sage this year. With her presence and with an impulse that I picked up on from her in a seminar. In doing so, she spoke that we could ask ourselves what we want to draw, create, and call into our lives today every morning. Our creator’s memory touched me deeply – and made it more focused, more pleasurable, rounder every day.

All the other women:

There were and are all the other women who have also accompanied me this year, strengthened, challenged, encouraged, and made me laugh. With whom I exchanged, cried, felt connected and infinitely nourished. I am so grateful that I met them this year (and my life) and that our paths have connected. Thank you.

Perhaps other women have inspired and strengthened you this year. If so, please share with me what you have taken from her on your way at [email protected]. In this way, we can communicate, network, encourage and accompany each other.