Susan always knew she wanted to be a Mom.  She was thrilled from the beginning and her delight continues.  Susan charged into parenting!

Unlike me, she was not afraid, a natural maybe (I hear they’re out there). Susan did not think parenting would be easy; yet she was not shaken, and is not shaken.  She is governed by the idea, “It will all work out.”

Susan, “Celebrate!!! Celebrate even the smallest victories. As a single Mother of 3 children, 6 and under, I find our family celebrating the small, not so small, accomplishments: getting through a grocery shop, or passing the toy section at Walmart without a tantrum or meltdown – Celebrate!

We usually follow up these victories with a round of high-fives, and a “Go Family!” cheer.  When my kids clean up their toys, share, even when using the potty unassisted, there will be high-fives and cheers all around.

Why not?  Why not celebrate and show my kids I’m proud when they do a great job?  Hopefully it makes them feel better about themselves.  If I’m really lucky, they’ll continue the behavior!” Tip #7

As seen throughout Susan’s tips, most directly stated in #7, “celebration” is a big part of her parenting.  I love the idea.  I’m not sure I covered celebration adequately, and I’m not sure it can ever happen enough.

Having fun has been a stumbling block for most of my life.  I acted as-if, and did not-so bad.  I worked to keep things happy and positive, but celebrating is an entirely different level. I wonder if we should have celebrated the little things more.

Susan allows the kids to play dress up on any, and every, day of the week.  They have PJ Day, they bake, and do crafts, even daring those complicated Pinterest crafts.  Susan is not afraid of the kids making a mess, she prioritizes having fun.  I like that!

In my adult life, I’ve learned the importance of celebrating.  I’ve been getting better, but it’s not my strong suit.  I worry, I didn’t place enough emphasis on celebrating.  On the other hand, when I look at Michael and the fun he has, it’s clear he did figure out the importance of celebration.

As Susan says, “It all works out.”  In fact, Michael says the same. J

Next week Maureen on the outdoors. 

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