Joan, “You have to teach your children right from wrong. If you suspect your kids are stealing anything, set them up. It’s a lesson they will carry with them all of their lives, and they will be scared to do it again.Tip 6

Joan is the Mom to the two preceding Moms, Sherrylee and Patricia.  I’m thrilled to have her tips.  She is a respected, matriarch in her family.  Her daughter reports, “The girls gave her a hard go in the teenage years.” It’s clear to see today, there is adoration all around.

I thought Joan’s tip #6 was so funny, “Set them up.”  It’s smart to stay ahead of your kids in that way.  I remember hearing the phrase, “If your Mom asks you a question, she already knows the answer.”

My Mom, she had a certain look.  When she knew the answer, she would ask, then her nostrils would have a special kind of flare, and I knew!  I knew, yet I still lied! Before too long, I could sense trouble was coming.  Her nostrils gave it away every time.

Joan’s tips make me think she too had hyper-keen ‘Spidey senses.’ She had an energetic trio likely requiring her to keep all Mom skills super sharp!

Seems to me like Joan was a Mom who meant business.  I can imagine it was an entire production to pull something over on her.  Based on her messages, I assume she caught her kids in a few escapades!

Thanks Joan! Thanks for your entry, and for those three great adults I’ve come to know and love!


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