I’m hoping you too will recognize the beauty and magic of 100 Moms coming together in support of learning and legacy.


It takes a “village” to raise a great kid. This is the “village.”

A diverse group of Moms ages 17 – 88 share their dreams, regrets, and lessons learned during life’s most precious journey. Each entry is unique, and provides a magnificent assortment of wisdom.  This collection conveys the depth, devotion, and breadth of motherhood.  This is an easy-to-read, all inclusive, heart-warming manual.

100 Moms 1000 Tips 1 Million Reasons covers everything from nesting to empty nesting. It is great for the bathroom reader or the bedroom reader, appealing to those interested in short stories as well as those seeking a real life inspirational account of loss, love, and victory.

About the Author

Having raised a beautiful man, a man who has excelled in life, while incorporating the complications of a condition called quadriplegia, it was clear Doreen had found the parenting secret. After pleas for advice, she was compelled to delve into the commonly asked question, “How did you do it?”

In her search for tips of value to others, Doreen realized, she didn’t do it!  She may have been the “CEO,” however; building this man took an empire. Doreen’s son Michael, was a combination of “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men,” and women. Doreen realized a “village” raised Michael.  The success of her son, the practices in her parenting, was based on the advice and support of others.

Doreen brought together 100 wonderful women, in hopes of providing that “village” for others.  She has collected 1000 tips, suggested by 100 Moms.  In this book you will find all you need to know on how to raise caring, resilient, and most importantly happy adults, even in the face of challenge and adversity.

Our son:

…and still much, much more.

My 2018 CTV appearance:

Reader’s Reviews:

“I can relate and appreciate every story you share.  You’re touching mother’s hearts everywhere and helping us feel “normal!!” 

“You are an amazing writer!  I will be following every week and looking forward to every entry!”

“So proud of you for going outside of your comfort zone.  By doing so you are helping so many people, me included!”

“Your stories are so emotion evoking, nostalgic, wistful, and funny.  Each different and all of them interesting.”

“Every time I read your writing it creates an emotional reaction. That is talent!”

“Doreen’s 100 Moms is incredible! Moms supporting each other, especially in today’s world is worth celebrating.”

In closing, I look forward to reaching the masses with this educational, entertaining, and enriching content. I am committed to taking any action suggested and/or follow any lead provided.

I would like to leave you with a couple of links on our family, providing the backdrop as to how this idea developed and why I believe I am the right Mom to develop it.




I look forward to seeing you at upcoming book signings in Nova Scotia. Check out my Facebook page, 100 Moms 1000 Tips 1 Million
Reasons, or contact me directly for more information, [email protected].

Happy reading and happy parenting!


  • Doreen Coady

    Author & Parenting Commentator

    Author of 100 Moms 1000 Tips 1 Million Reasons & 100 Dads 1000 Tips 1Million Reasons available on Amazon and major book stores.   Doreen is empty-nester who has spent the last five years collecting tips from 199 parents. Her heartwarming and real-talk, message on parenting is woven through their collective wishes and wisdom.   Parents are diverse in terms of age, culture, social-economic background, and beliefs. Contributions provide 2000 parenting tips from others interested in helping each other, especially new parents learning the ropes.   Every tip and commentary is distinct, providing a magnificent assortment of shared experiences. The collection conveys the depth, devotion, and breadth of parenting.   This is fun, enlightening, easy to read, and a highly relatable account of parenting successes and struggles.   For ‘the why,’ check out, https://99momsplusone.wordpress.com/, or search “100 Moms 1000 Tips” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.