Amy is another Firewalker from Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Passion Within. Amy and I walked on hot coals during that conference in 2015. Through that experience3, she’s demonstrated she is not afraid of a challenge, clearly. That fact again demonstrated by her commitment to raising 3 girls. Yikes!

Amy is an over achiever, lives deliberately, seeks excellence, and hopes to reach her fullest potential, while enjoying all the brightness life has to offer. She was quick to respond to my invitation to contribute her parenting tips, and had much to offer.

Amy holds her experience of Motherhood in high regard. She values her role as a Mom, and is keen to help others.

Amy, “Sounds cliché but, make your own decisions – trust your judgment! So many people have so many opinions about parenting, and truly YOU know what’s best for your family.” Tip 1

Amy’s #1 tip, “trust your judgement,” has been advice offered by a few Moms. In my case, not a good idea. As you may be noticing, I did not have much “judgement,” or intuition to go on. My experiences were limited, my perception distorted, my environment was toxic, and my judgement – not so good.

Gee, thinking about solely relying on my judgement is a frightening concept, likely ending in terrible outcomes. Instead, I trusted the judgement of three strong women: my Mom, my therapist, and Oprah. They advised me on all things. Oprah gave me hope, my therapist empowered and reassured me, and my Mom gave me a kick in the butt, an occasional twenty bucks, and sometimes a babysitter.

I can see over time I did develop some sound judgement. Now, when I don’t need it, it’s laser sharp!

I’m so happy for Moms who were prepared to parent, and for their children. What a comfort to hear the voice of reason, or the direction intuition offers. My head was so noisy with self-hatred, doubt, and uncertainty, it is only the judgement of others that got us through the first six years.

Before too long, I did start to get my ‘parenting chops.’ Any smarts I developed were only acquired through my contact, or observations, of the strong women around me. I’m forever grateful for the judgement of others, and my willingness to seek it.

In my mentors, I found much of the advice shared by Amy and other Moms. Things that may come easy for some, required repetition and focus for me. I was not at all equipped to be a Mom, but I was a quick and eager study!

In further communication with Amy she mentioned she too was terrified in the beginning. She also did not trust her judgement, reading every book, and examining every mark. She, as do many, came to learn that in the end, it is up to us as parents to decide what’s best. I’m guessing she was also a quick study!

Thanks Amy!

Next week, Lisa P on “finding your tribe.”


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