I love a good nugget of life advice. Here is my definitive list of 103 things you can do on a daily basis to live an incredible life:

  1. Laugh. And often. It doubles as a stress reducer and an ab workout.
  2. Meditate at least once. Life’s challenges will be water off a duck’s back.
  3. Practice being in the present moment. It’ll bring you joy.
  4. Find a reason to be in awe. It’ll remind you how precious this life is.
  5. Tell someone you love them. Love is all there is.
  6. Send someone good vibes. The world needs it.
  7. Express your gratitude. It’s the doorway to happiness and peace.
  8. Give someone or something a kiss. Spread the love.
  9. Hold the door open for someone. We’re all in this together.
  10. Smile at a stranger. They may need it.
  11. Live with purpose, on purpose.
  12. Take a step towards your dreams. Your future self will thank you.
  13. Do something kind for someone. It’ll make their day.
  14. Stop and smell the roses. For reals.
  15. Stretch. Those hip flexors will thank you.
  16. Learn something new. Your brain will soak it up.
  17. Challenge yourself. It’s a core human need.
  18. Get sweaty. Gym or jams or steaming. You decide.
  19. Do something unexpected. It creates space for the extraordinary to occur.
  20. Turn off the television and the radio. It’s unnecessary brainwashing.
  21. Remember that you’re going to die. It’ll inspire you.
  22. Look up at the stars. It’ll give you perspective.
  23. Read something interesting. Your eyes are hungry.
  24. Get fired up about something. It’ll rekindle your fire.
  25. Take off your shoes in nature. It’ll ground you to Mother Earth.
  26. Salute the sun. It gives us Life.
  27. Have an inspiring conversation with friends, family or colleagues. We’re here to connect.
  28. High Five someone. Just because you can.
  29. Ask yourself a question that you don’t know the answer to. It’s where ideas are born.
  30. Get curious about something. Rabbit holes are fun.
  31. Eat something delicious. Because…yummm
  32. Exercise detachment. It’ll allow you to enjoy the present moment.
  33. Get creative. The brain will forge new pathways.
  34. Get a good night’s sleep. It can fix almost anything.
  35. Write a “to do” list. Paper and pen is best.
  36. Check something off that “to do”. It’ll feel good.
  37. Sing in the shower or the car. Express yo self!
  38. Check in with your vision, values and purpose. It’ll keep you aligned.
  39. Pick something from a tree. It’ll remind you of the abundance of life.
  40. Call your mum is she’s around. Mum’s rock!
  41. Visualise a successful day before you get out of bed. You’ll start to live it.
  42. Listen intently before speaking. You’ll learn a lot.
  43. Set daily goals. In 365 days you’ll achieve a whole lot of them.
  44. Celebrate the little things. Life is listening.
  45. Get into flow. And get aligned with the river of life.
  46. Play to your strengths and gifts. You’ll pat yourself on the back.
  47. Open relationships. You never know where they’ll lead.
  48. Check in with your intuition. It’s been gathering data for decades.
  49. Think long-term instead of short-term. It plays out better in the long run.
  50. Save some of the money coming in. It all adds up.
  51. Have a good cry when needed. It’ll let life flow again.
  52. Create space for your brain to clear unnecessary files. It’s fundamental.
  53. Tell yourself that you love yourself. After all, you’re the most important person in your life.
  54. Say YES to opportunities to grow. You’ll bloom.
  55. Say NO to anything that doesn’t serve you. You’ll be saying YES to yourself.
  56. Get uncomfortable. You’ll learn where your boundaries lie.
  57. Enjoy being naked. It’s your natural state.
  58. Be fully present with the people you love. It’s the ultimate gift.
  59. Keep your word. To yourself and others.
  60. Repeat positive affirmations. They’ll rewire your brain.
  61. Hug someone. Hearts are made to connect.
  62. Give yourself a treat. Life is short.
  63. Make your bed. It sets the intention for your day.
  64. Do someone nice for someone. It always flows back to you.
  65. Chat with your ego. It just needs to be soothed and heard.
  66. Spend time with people that energise you. It’ll shape your destiny.
  67. Wear pretty much the same thing every day. You’ll save willpower.
  68. Shower and brush your teeth. Because…
  69. Exchange ideas with someone. A differing perspective is invaluable.
  70. Throw out something you don’t use. It’ll be a weight off of your shoulders.
  71. It’s easier to say “no” straight away instead of a “yes” followed by a last minute change of mind. You’ll also p*ss off less people in the process.
  72. Book your regular appointments into your calendar 6 months in advance.
  73. When in doubt, ask. When you don’t think you can ask, ask.
  74. Wake up and decide you’re going to have an awesome day. Every day.
  75. Work and live in a clean environment. It will help settle the mind.
  76. Surround yourself with people that are smarter and more successful than you. Success breeds success.
  77. Quit doing the things you don’t want to spend your time doing. It’s pointless.
  78. Always dress your best. People will be nicer to you.
  79. Challenge your own assumptions. A flexible mindset is and an adaptable mindset.
  80. Drink plenty of purified water. Water is a cleanser in all its forms.
  81. Earn passive income. You’ll be building your empire.
  82. Fall into a heap when needed. Sometimes we need to learn to pick ourselves up from the ground.
  83. Ask a lot of questions. Your life is shaped by the quality of the questions that you ask.
  84. Ponder the meaning of life. It’ll keep you grounded.
  85. Apologise when needed. It’s make you a better human being.
  86. Eat something bright coloured. It’ll nourish your body.
  87. Take a nap when needed. It’ll change your day.
  88. Arrive early. It sets the standard.
  89. Don’t let your phone run flat. It’s not worth the anxiety.
  90. Drink a coffee. It’s the elixir of the Gods.
  91. Meet someone new every day. You’ll have a new tribe in a year.
  92. Tune into your body. It’s a very smart creature that talks.
  93. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. It’s excess baggage.
  94. Take ownership of your life every single day. You’ll start to shape your reality.
  95. Always put keys and items in the same place. You’ll avoid frustration.
  96. Dance when you feel the need. Your soul wants to move it’s hips baby!
  97. Be intentional with your language. Life will respond accordingly.
  98. Speak to animals in a baby voice. It’ll lower your blood pressure.
  99. Be curious about people. We can learn from everyone’s story.
  100. Make something with your hands. Art, pasta, peace signs.
  101. Remind yourself that this is a magnificent adventure.
  102. Love where you’re at. It’s the only place you can be.
  103. Don’t spend too much time reading long lists. Get out and live.

What do you think I’ve missed from this list? I’d love you to share this with friends and family and hear their response.

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