Life is not for the countdown regrets, perhaps! Think before surrendering to something, because that is going to judge you for the remaining span of life. Expect the future and enact present accordingly.

Expectations from helping hand always lead you to a dark, hopeless front yard, many times in life we all go through one phase of feeling low and craving for someone shoulder to lean on for a while. The real pity fact is our eyes turns to blur mode to search anyone in our trouble conditions.

To laugh & to spend hours we can find many but to seek our heart we lack all known faces. I have realized and got out of the drug to possess a leaning shoulder in tough times. Started solving out between my heart and mind, though often they both depend on their individual opinions, times later forecasting like best friends.

I can sense your agony to reach out here; I let you go with best hacks and life lessons that are going to mould and create a new version from you which never stumble for any wind storms and snowflakes. Let’s get started with our Rocking Hacks to hang on our resistance.

No one is Perfect & No one is Permanent

You should strictly know the meaning of it because at the end of the day you satisfy you.

Parents wish to set you on high, friends are for showing affections and help out in need, a life partner is for sharing your love, children are for sharing your emotions and bring them to a great position by giving best education.

If you observe, you are not hanging on to only one criterion for life long till your die, never listen to someone’s suggestions because those are there point of view. You have been gifted with a unique mind from god, observe from all corners of your eyes and take the correct decision.

Off course values & relations matters but do take your visions to stop only at night on the beds by overthinking and unnecessary assumptions. You are not God or Goddess to satisfy everyone in the world. Live your life happily.

Reality of life

Before doing something, thinking from all perspective? Okay, it’s good, but your values shouldn’t stick back in your mind and exploring the majority idea. It’s fair to say NO if you feel the opposition point is not acceptable to stay loyal to say NO.

Follow the main principle of life happy to give and think to take or receive. Alert! Whenever you take, do not forget to return the pack.

Stop relying on others for happiness

Yes, there is an excellent quote “Treat everyone the way you treat self” but not that throwing yourself to a far off after all and keeping everyone happy and satisfied. Its rear like you to digest that character good maintain the same by placing you 1st & followed others.

Apart from spreading happiness and love preserve some to give for self, connect your heart and mind before connecting yourself with the world.

Soul Resistance – Self-care

Take control of everything around you including self, though we cannot plan or control over our birth, death but remaining all are free to hold and release. The society will treat granted in case showcase your emotions unsuits time.

Maintain connections with heart and mind to contract your resistance power over the things like hormonal feelings, physical attractions, anxieties, overthinking, empty mind and irresponsibility about life.” Empty reason is devil workshop”.

Self-relying is not that you should stay alone, it’s like independently Depend”.

Fix clock for Eating, Sleeping and Workout

Create a reason for staying alive, do not be dumb; after crossing certain period do not remain in accepting the public opinions. No matter what your profession deals with do not skip the schedule of eating, adequate sleep and a warm workout to stay healthy from in & out.

If all three circulate properly then automatically you run to improve self-something or the other days throughout life, stay healthy and light up to the world, be a spotlight.

Dream High to Reach Sky

Make a habit of climbing the life achievements with the help of the ladder not with electric elevator both result same, but every step you climb it will teach a life lesson with the combination of ultimate intelligence.

The Electric elevator is like someone else hard working you reaching high or destination without experiencing the importance of life. Dream high by colliding the term keys hard work, smart applying and perfect results.

Are relations definable?

Yes! Many falls in this ditch because of ill mindset, prefer to choose relation that suites your behaviour either in friends or a life partner. Never continue the bond if you were losing the original you by attaching to that relation, choose a connection which remains you to stay authentic.

On what basis we should choose our relations? A great question with no exact answer, but I can share you my view if your heart and mind connect then it is easy to start conversations and relations to furthermore deep.

Add on to your strengths by learning new Adventures

Hesitate to depend on people and love to handle everything from self; the statement is not to apply on the scenario like suppose you are travelling in the bus by the help of driver so I have to learn how to drive a bus to travel on my own. That is not the correct way to understand my point.

You should able to do all your works even you housemaid is on leave, stop the habit of running for other favour to do, instead be a good learner in knowing everything to survive on your own.

It would help if you awoke about the theme of context, not portraying you to stay alone without anybody’s help I wanted to understand that importance of you to build own image to look at as the best example under zero support.

 Do you drive!

Its sounds are fantastic to hear ‘yes’ from you.  Not yet! Then it’s going to be great news and offer for you go through the page of driver theory test & driver knowledge test to enjoy the free services for all vehicle types like bike, car, heavy bus trucks.

Self – driving motivates you to think beyond the person who enjoys sitting at the back row in a car. It makes you stay alert, focused, responsible and healthy atmosphere the entire day.

Stop Expecting

Yes! I agree with your mind voice right now, but over expectations might have chances to depress more. The expected is also one type of emotion you should control, give your part of hard work and leave the rest but do not over expect and make your bed disturb at the end of the day.

It will work out well guys” make a habit of talking to self before going to sleep” it helps you to speak out your anxieties out from the mind and give relaxation believe it worth try this tip tonight and see the stress changes.

Stable mindset on certainty & uncertainties

We are living in a world that valuing money more than a life; I agree with money rules over a person, but experience doesn’t link only with cash. Spread love, positivity, sincere at responsible positions. Use technology and love people, not vice versa.

I can sense here your mind voice people do mistakes but technology not. I completely agree with you but don’t you have the heart of forgiving? Today if you are not ready to accept someone’s flaws, then you shouldn’t expect the same acceptance when you go wrong. As we discussed earlier in the context, No one is perfect, and No one is permanent.

Heart full of pleasure to see you here with me I wish and hope you should always lighten up by inhaling the above hacks to stay self-resistance.