According to the ancient Advaita philosophy, the morning has a special energetic quality to it — it is still, peaceful and enlightened in nature. This makes it the perfect time for meditation, intention setting and connecting with your soul.

Creating a morning ritual can help ensure you go out into the world feeling calm, centered and purposeful. Here are 11 inspiring ideas for what to include. Mix and match your top three choices.

1. Consciously choose your first thought of the day.

Your first thoughts in the morning can have a huge impact on your mindset and mood for the day ahead.

Does your mind automatically begin planning or worrying about the day? Take back control by consciously choosing positive morning thoughts or by repeating a simple mantra or affirmation. It will keep your mind calm and set the tone for your day.

You may wish to say: Thank you for this beautiful new day. How can I serve the cause of love today?

2. Practice being present and mindful.

Instead of letting your mind race ahead and getting lost in your thoughts and worries, make a conscious effort to stay connected to the present moment as you wake up each morning.

Feel the softness of your bedsheets against your skin. Feel your feet hitting the floor as you walk out of your bedroom. Listen to the sounds of the morning around you. Smell the deliciousness of your morning coffee or hot lemon water.

3. Visualize your desires.

Rather than going into the day on autopilot without thinking about what you want or desire, spend a few moments visualizing your dream life — you may even have a vision board to help you do this. Feel the feeling of already having what you desire and give thanks in advance for it coming into your life.

You may also wish to visualize the greatest version of you — imagine going about your day feeling and acting confident, loving, creative, wise, empowered, energised, joyful and appreciative. You are training your mind and body to act accordingly.

4. Read inspirational material or quotes.

Positive writing and material has an energetic quality — reading it can make you feel lighter, happier and more liberated.

Have a stash of your favourite inspirational quotes, book passages or life truths on hand, so you can reflect on them when you need a reminder of the truths and values you want to live by.

5. Write a gratitude journal.

Gratitude is the sweet shortcut to happiness. It turns what you have into enough, and attracts even more good things into your life.

A gratitude practice doesn’t have to take long — simply write out three things you are grateful for and enjoy the juicy feelings of appreciation that come with it. The trick to evoking emotion is to be specific — for example, rather than simply write down that you are grateful for your partner, list something unique or amazing that you love about them. Write down your appreciation for the beautiful sunset you saw last night, the taste of your morning coffee, or the magical holidays you have been on.

6. Meditate.

Meditation has many positive benefits for your wellbeing and happiness. It can clear your mind, strengthen your sense of inner peace, and connect you with your Higher Self — that wise part of you that carries all of the answers you seek.

Even five short minutes a day can have a positive impact on your life. If you have never meditated before, you can begin by using an app on your smartphone like HeadSpace or Smiling Mind.

7. Move your body.

Doing a few simple yoga stretches can get you feeling awake and energised for the day ahead. It also gets you in touch with your body and keeps you grounded in the present moment.

8. Write in a journal.

Grab a piece of paper and write stream-of-consciousness style for a few minutes — write from your heart and soul without censoring or stopping. This is a fantastic way to get in touch with your true feelings and access your inner wisdom.

9. Dance to a song.

Throw on a fun celebratory track like Celebrate by Kool & The Gang or Happy by Pharrell Williams and dance around your living room for a couple of minutes. It can boost your mood and open up your light-hearted and playful side.

10. Thank the sun for rising.

We take the sun for granted like we take many blessings in our life for granted.

When you thank the sun for rising each morning, you remind yourself of all of the beauty in the world and the miracle of life on earth.

11. Set an intention.

Intentions can create your day and your destiny. Each morning, choose an intention to guide your thoughts and actions for the day. This will help you focus on what really matters to you and expand as a person.

For example, your intention could be:

  • to enjoy simple pleasures
  • to practice self-love and acceptance
  • to have more fun and laughter
  • to perform small acts of kindness
  • to take bold action towards your dreams.

Write this on a post-it note and remind yourself of your intention throughout the day.

Elyse is a writer, life coach and happiness teacher at She teaches people to connect with their soul, create their dreams and expand their happiness. For updates and inspiration, sign up now.

Originally published at on February 8, 2017.

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