What keeps a relationship stronger? Travelling? Financial stability? Happiness? Communication?

Well, all these gestures are essential to keep a relation healthy and robust? But, the one thing that the utmost matter is “LOVE”.

Love is the foundation of the happiness in a beautiful relationship. Love is the reason which keeps two different people together and happy in a relationship. The essence of love holds both the partners embed in each other minds. It has the magical power that incorporates two different people to stay together, life-long.

But, as the time passes the two love-birds merely forget those little gestures like texting, complementing and surprising, which are an integral part of the relationship. Physical attraction becomes priority and sex become daily-dose.

But, one thing I would say genuinely, that relationship is not about physical attraction, it’s more about understanding, caring, trust and time. One cannot just underestimate the power of these small gestures. Sometimes, misunderstanding and lack of time lead to breakups. So, if you don’t want to face that situation so, give value to small-small things. I’m not asking you to buy a Versace or Gucci for your love, but pay attention to sweet gestures that will keep the spark of your relationship alive and bring you both closer.

Communication is the key to love: The most critical part of the healthy relationship is communication. Instead of moving out from the issues, talk about it. Face the tough situations together. If your partner is not ready or lacking behind in sharing his/her thoughts, ask them what is hindering them? Talk about the financial status if you are planning for a residential mortgage.

Along with this, never let your love apart. If you’re meeting your partner after a long time, a single “Love You” works well with a sweet compliment like “You smelling good” or “You look beautiful”. No matter how awkward is the situation, make you love long-lasting.

Send a beautiful message with sweet gifts: Be unexpected. Commonly surprise your partner but differently. Along with sending a text message to send beautiful bouquets of flowers with a friendly hand-written note. This will not only give your partner a reason to remember you the whole day but also keeps them cherish.

“Spread the love most unexpectedly.”

Spend some quality time together: People think having dinner sitting on a couch and watching Netflix, with a partner is similar to having quality dinner at the table. But, what if is I say there is a vast difference between them. It’s good you are sitting together and watching your favourite TV shows, but this is not a right way to spend some quality time together. Quality time is that in which you both are listening to each other, sharing views and opinions. Don’t let your TV or entertainment time as quality time.

Use the word “WE”: The couples who use the word WE tend to be happier, calmer and more satisfied in a relationship. The word WE acts as a game changer, for those couples who work with the mindset of YOU vs ME. ‘WE’ make them to work collaboratively for their dream. This collaborative mindset makes them loving and generous.

Travel Together: Travelling together is one way to understand each other nicely. When you travel to a new place via a minibus or local transportation, you get to spend more quality time together; you get to create memories which you cherish years to come.

Be all ears when needed: Bad presentation, boss scolding and work pressure can make your partner irritating. At that time, instead of moving out, listen to them. Your partner wants you to listen to all the crap that has happened throughout the day. Be attentive, patient and if possible, complete your partner sentences. All these sweet little gestures make two of you fall for each other again and again.

Say those words: Speak the right words, at the right time and hit the bull’s eye. Sometimes conveying feelings to the partner is more special than giving gifts and spending chunks. A goodbye kiss on the forehead works magically.

Say Sorry and Thanks! No matter how close you to your partner, sometimes Sorry and Thank You is all you need to make your partner happy. Use these words to express your emotions and grief. Most of the couples don’t know that this sweet words and gestures make the relationship happy and stronger.

The language of Love: Gary Chapman, come up with the notion that man and woman have five love languages. Understanding these love languages is essential in a relationship. Words like respect, receiving gifts, affirmation and physical touch should go hand in hand. Let your partner knows what you think about them and make them feel special with using any of these love languages.

Ready to Compromise: At certain stages of a relationship you have to let go of your ego. You have to compromise for the happiness of your partner. You have to stop fighting on small issues and learn how to tackle them politely. Comprising is another key for the pleasure in a relationship right after the communication. The couples who ready to compromise stays together happily.

Making love: Sex is the part of the happy relationship. Sex is an intimating way to get close to your partner. The more you do, the more you want, the less you do, the less you want. It’s not like the couples who intimate the most, don’t indulge in fights and all, making love is a way to connect with your partner. So keep your sex life alive and use couples sex toys to make it spicy.

Originally published on Yourtango. Reprinted with permission from the author.