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Many women entrepreneurs are enjoying the festive season at hand with several selfies to prove it. Maybe you are one of the girl bosses out there that are sending out Christmas cards, playing Christmas music, buying gifts for loved ones, snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate watching your fave Crimbo movies or maybe you are dreaming of a White Christmas.

However, as much as this is all exciting, I think it’s also fair to say that this isn’t the only thing that is on the minds of many female bosses with the New Year fast approaching. Many women are also thinking about how to make 2019 there best year ever and considering strategies that will take their businesses to the next level.

Having carried out a recent PR and Media Survey, it quickly became apparent that many women entrepreneurs aren’t effectively using the power of publicity the way that they used to in those days, which has silently resulted in a lack of sales, loss of opportunities and lack of visibility.

If you are one of the women that secretly wishes that Mrs Christmas will just come along and fill your stocking full of PR tips that you can leverage to increase your chances of being seen in the Media then you are in the right place.

Here are 11 ways to change this:

1. Write a list of 20 Media opportunities that you’ll like to attract in 2019:
Clarity is so essential if you truly want a business with good PR in 2019. Know when you want to be featured, what TV shows do you want to be on? What podcast shows do you dream of being interviewed on? What magazines do you want to be featured in? write it all down and know your why, know why you want to in these publications and on these shows.

2. Practice your Interview Technique:
We’ve all seen those AMAZING media interviews and those not so good ones, if you want to give impressive interviews in 2019 one of the best ways to achieve this is to spend time mastering your interview technique. Write out a list of questions that you think you are likely to be asked in upcoming interviews and do mock interviews with a friend, a family member, with your PR and Media Coach or with your accountability buddy.

3. Increase your Confidence and your Charisma:
Confidence and charisma are two powerful qualities that can truly make you unforgettable in the media. Just think of all of the stars, leaders, preachers, entrepreneurs that you admire such as Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Joyce Meyer and Terri Savelle Foy. Think of how they show up on camera and stage. They carry themselves well with so much personality, they dress for success, they give good eye contact, they walk with their backs up straight, they share their gifts and talents, they travel around the world, they are consistent and they never give up despite challenges or setbacks. Let these women (or whoever it is that you are inspired by) fill you with the fuel that you need to stand out in beautiful ways in 2019.

4. Create a Strong Media Page on your Website:
Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo and Danielle Laporte all have strong Media pages on their websites and they all attract consistent media interviews, publications and press. I truly believe that there is a link between having a strong media page and attracting good PR! I’ve noticed that those who come across as professionals have more of what professionals have, the last thing you want is to waste a journalists time by sending them 52 things in an e-mail when you can just point them to your Media page. This is why I utterly encourage you to get your PR house in order, have a media page on your website, create your media kit, work, get your showreel done (if need be) this is one of the best ways to stand out in front of the media and to also shine in front of your potential clients.

5. Stop thinking that you’ll be in the Media one day and make a decision to be in the Media now:
Sometimes the only thing blocking the media moments that you dream of, from becoming a living reality is your stinking thinking and self-doubt. Thinking things such as ‘I can never be on TV, I’d have no idea what to say’ or ‘I could never be on a big Podcast show because I only have 500 Instagram followers’ is one of the best ways to limit yourself. One of the ways to change your mindset is to start focusing on all of your strengths, best qualities and wins. Expect to be in the Media, visualise yourself being on ‘The Today Show’, start picturing your big moment on Forbes, imagine your friends and family cheering you on when you are in Glamour Magazine.

6. Hire a Publicist:
Instead of trying to get seen in the Media is to hand this over to someone that knows what they are doing. Most Publicists have tons of experience working with brands, entrepreneurs and celebrities, they often have great CV’s and they have all of the contacts that you are looking for. They know how to hook up their clients with big, small and medium media opportunities so if your budget allows it, hire a Publicist and let them do the media pitching, the following up for you.

7. Invest in PR or Media Course:  
Sometimes wishing to be in the Media just isn’t enough. Joyce Meyer (International Preacher) often says that we need to have more backbone, not just wish-bone, having backbone involves taking action to achieve the things that we want in life. I’ve been fortunate enough to be on TV over 100 times but this didn’t just fall on my lap. I invested in myself by studying media related topics at College and University. For instance, I have an A-level in Media Studies and a BA (Hons) degree in Mass Communications (and Sociology). These two qualifications, in particular, helped me to understand PR, the Media world, popular culture, high culture, globalisation, journalism, the film industry, video production, screenwriting and so much more. I encourage you to start learning as much as you can about PR and Media. Start small by getting at least one or two books or go the extra mile by doing a course i.e a short TV Presenting Course, a degree in Journalism, an online media course or a Masters degree in Public Relations. This is one of the best ways to become a PR magnet in 2019.

8. Hire a PR and Media Coach:
This may be one of the best ways to have a year crowned with good PR, there is nothing like learning from an expert and working on your mindset, media essentials and preparing for the publication and interviews that you desire. Investing is the key. If you are used to investing money on Social Media, Marketing strategies and Business systems and structures that are superb but don’t leave PR to the backburner or your results might end up being dissapointing.

9. Update your Biography:
One of the things that you don’t want to send the Media is an old 2012 version of your profile. Use the festive season or the New Year to update your bio on your website so that it’s fresh and fabulous. I also encourage you to do this on all of your Social Media platforms and on your Media kit if possible. This act alone can open you up to fresh opportunities in 2019 and beyond.

10. Develop a thick skin:
You might not always like how things turn out when you are pitching to the Media, for instance, some of the women that I have worked with in the past have mentioned how they don’t like it when they’ve pitched to the media and not heard back from them. This can indeed be disappointing at times for sure, when you send the perfect pitch and hear crickets, or if you pitch to 20 and hear back from only 2-3. But you have to bounce back and not let it get you down. Keep sending out your media pitches via e-mail, keep picking up the phone and keep asking for referrals as good things take time and you just never know which TV show, magazine, podcast or blog will turn around and say and give you HUGE exposure so don’t give up but instead be resilient until you see your desires manifest.

11. Organise your own events and invite the Media:
One of the ways to attract the attention of the Media is to invite them to your events. I have organised so many Beauty Pageants and Motivational Seminars and I’ve been invited journalists, producers, photographers and local celebrities and seen several turn up and cover the event in the media by writing an article, filming the event and airing it on TV etc. You will be amazed at who will show up to your events if you are consistent with inviting exclusive guests and if you are determined to succeed. And even if you have only one person from the media show up that’s one more editor/tv host/journalist/blogger that knows about your brand so you literally can’t lose.


  • Queen Chioma Nworgu MA, BA (hons) is an International Motivational Speaker, TV Presenter and a PR and Media Coach/Publicist based in London, UK. She has been on TV over 150 times over a period of 10 years which includes ITV, ITV 2, BBC 1, MTV, RSTV (Nigeria), Ben TV, Living TV, Dutch TV and Faith TV. She has also featured in magazines and newspapers like OK magazine, I am Queen Magazine, Her Story Matters Magazine and The Islington Gazette. She regularly speaks at Schools, Colleges, Universities, Conferences and Media Events impacting thousands of youths and adults with her motivational messages, success strategies, confidence & charisma boosting tips, media coaching and her academic trainings in the UK and abroad. Queen Chioma is the Author of the Book ‘Festive Success, Nine Golden Rules for Achiveing your Dreams, Goals and Aspirations’. Her academic journals/papers/published work can be seen in the several editions of the Bulgarian Comparative Education Society Conference Books. As a PR and Media Coach/Publicist she helps women entrepreneurs to secure media interviews, media coverage and attract good PR to boost their businesses, increase sales and their impact. Queen Chioma has won several Beauty pageant crowns, titles and awards and believe that you can achieve all of your dreams if you have the courage to follow them! She’s travelled to 50 cities and states so far impacting lives. She’s has just launched a new Podcast show called 'The Festive Success Show' and wishes to help millions with her mission which is to 'Teach, Speak and Heal'.