It’s been close to a decade of working as a professional Life Coach for me and I could not think of a better time to share some insights on What Life Coaching is all about and what should people be aware of when they approach a Life Coach.

When I did begin my journey, there was a lot of Stigma attached to working with a Life Coach. Majority of the people associated a Life Coach as a therapist/counselor or what not. The reality is that we as Life Coaches are just that, nothing less and nothing more.

However, each one of us do come with different backgrounds and this does add tremendous value addition to the clients.

Sharing with you the 11 Secrets which might help you to prepare better when approaching a Life Coach …

Don’t Feed On Your Fears

Over the years, one thing I have noticed is that majority of my clients operate out of fear. Operating at this level is sure to bring the worst in yourself. If you need to create opportunities and move in the space you are looking at then, it is imperative that you begin to stop feeding on your fears.

The more you feed on your fears the stronger it does become. Switching mode is not easy but it is a necessity. With hard work and consistency, any fear can be overcome. You can watch this inspiring video of 5 Minutes to help you overcome Fear.

You Must Work Hard To Get Things

Over the years, I do have people signing up with me and expecting that it’s the coach’s job to get things done. The reality is that a coach can only guide you and help you see through the clutter. Eventually, it is you who needs to get the hard work done and yes there is no doubt that a coach will be with you in this journey but a lot of effort and time must be borne by the person who is going to be coached.

So if you are expecting a Professional Life Coach to do the work of a Ghost writer, then it time to get the reality check done.

There Is No Such Thing As Perfect

If you are waiting for the perfect day and time to make the next move, then I am sorry to disappoint you that there will never be a perfect day than now to make the move. Begin with what you have and then make the situation more perfect as you work your way towards the bigger goal.

You can refer my previous Blog on How to beat perfectionism. Always remember this “Everybody who have made it big in life began with little or no perfect platform to build on”.

Comparison Is The Thief Of Success

Most of the people I have come across over the years begin to compare themselves with others. Now do not take me wrong here. You can benchmark yourself with someone who is the best in the field but the moment you begin to compare yourself is when the chinks begin to appear in your own confidence.

A more healthier way to operate is to work on your strengths and not be too worried about what people around you are doing. This will not only help you work on your own confidence level but also stop you from wasting precious energy on comparing yourself with others.

Be More Specific With Your Goals

If you are not sure as to when you want to accomplish, then it will never be done. All big goals need to have a specific description with a timeline and you should believe deep in your gut that you are more than capable to get to your goals. By the way, there is a lot more research that your Gut feeling is far stronger than any other feeling.

Only when you believe in your mind and body about your life’s goals, things begin to happen. Just having a goal to have lots of money and be happy will take you nowhere except to a fool’s paradise.

You Cannot Change Everything In Life

There are certain things in life which cannot be changed. You must be mature enough to accept the truth and work around it. Only with acceptance, there will more room for growth. It is the fact and that is how things do work in nature. The sooner you learn this one life secret, the faster you will grow in life.

Some things in life are best left unchanged. If you are someone trying to teach a fish to climb a tree then “My best wishes to you”.

Living Upto Your Values Is Worth It

Each one of us do have a certain value system which is embedded in us. Conflict does begin to happen when there is a clash of values either with your partner, boss or even colleagues. The moment you begin to compromise your values to satisfy another person, the growth in you stops.

You must step back and take a relook at things if you are compromising on your value system, because sooner than later it will pull you down both physically and emotionally. I always tell this to my clients “Never ever compromise on your values” that is connected to your soul and you will never ever forgive yourself for doing that.

Stick to your values and believe me it’s more than worth it. This is a great article on Living your values by Jim Taylor.

Stop Living In Your Past

Each one of us do have a past. Some are good and some, not so good. So, if you are not happy with your past then do not waste your present and future by staying there. You might not be consciously thinking about your past, but I will guarantee you that at a subconscious level you will ruminating about your past.

Telling yourself as to how you could have been better and not taken the decisions which made you what you are will take you nowhere except to the past. This leaves you more exhausted and unsure of how to move in the present.

So please do yourself a big favor from this minute. Stop living in your past and focus on the present and building the immediate future. This is where your energy and focus should be directed and not in something which has happened days, weeks or decades ago.

You Are Struggling Because There Is No Clarity

If you do not know where you are going, then any road will take you there. This is a fact. I am surprised that many well-meaning people with rich experience do not know as to where they want to go in their personal and professional lives.

You can refer my previous blog article How to gain Mental clarity & focus in 7 Minutes to help you move in the right direction.

Now always remember that the most successful person out there does have crystal clear clarity as to what and when they want in life. Only well-defined time-bound goals will get you there. Everything else is just noise.

Focus Your Energy On Your Strength

Everybody cannot be good at everything. So, stop trying to impress people around you and begin to focus on your strength. I remember an executive I did work with couple of years back who took on additional responsibilities to impress his boss and in no time, that began to cause his downfall.

He realized in our coaching intervention, that it was not his strength and got it removed from his portfolio. The moment you begin to focus all your energy on your strength then you are bound to excel in your profession and personal life. This is the truth.

Getting Unstuck Means Not To Push Harder

All of us can get stuck in bad situations. This can be both in the personal or professional area. Now, the secret to get unstuck is to shift your focus away from the challenge and work on building your confidence muscle. Once you begin to focus on other things, it will be that much easier to get unstuck in the area which matters the most to you right now.

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