How are you doing on the Corona coaster?

Let’s be honest – this time of social distancing and self-isolation has been challenging for most of us in a number of ways…

After the last two months of self-quarantine during the COVID-19 crisis I’m sure that most of us have been feeling its effects in one way or another… from mood swings to anxiety or confusion. One moment you love being cosy at home and finally have time to slow down – the next you’re upset not being able to move around and having to cancel all your plans. One day you’re full of energy, ready to reset your life – the next you can hardly get out of bed, feeling tired, exhausted or nostalgic. One moment you call all your friends and family because you really miss them – the next you just want to be left alone.

It can feel like an emotional rollercoaster – with it’s fair share of ups and downs…

There are certainly enough twists and turns on this ride! Altogether the whole situation feels so mixed – as there seem to be as many positive as challenging aspects to it.

So what can you do to find some more consistency instead of getting thrown around? How can you stay centred as much as possible? And come back into feeling good when you’re all over the place?


I recommend finding a daily Self-Care routine of practices that work for you

Do your best to stick with it as much as possible!

And when you don’t feel at your best, it’s important not to judge yourself but be compassionate with yourself. How would you care for a good friend who is going through this? Would you judge or encourage them?

Self-love is one of the most profound spiritual practices and it unfortunately doesn’t come naturally to most of us. It’s something we need to practice consciously and keep coming back to.

Ask yourself: How can I support myself right now? – It might be a small step. Then step by step you can guide yourself back into wellbeing. Make a list of things to do that always make you feel better and use it when you need to.

Here are 11 Self-Care tips to help you find balance in these times of change:

  1. Keep it simple. This time is about going back to the basics. How can you simplify your life?
  2. Eat healthy fresh food. Ideally cook fresh with lots of veggies.
  3. Drink lots of water. This supports the natural detox of your system
  4. Be selective about the information you let in. Take a break from news and social media – especially if it doesn’t make you feel good…
  5. Listen to uplifting music and mantras (such as the divine Deva Premal)
  6. Clear out your home and digital space – It feels great and frees blocked energy! Create space for the new.
  7. Do your daily spiritual practices – yoga, meditation, breathwork, dance… (even and especially when you don’t feel like it!)
  8. Spend time in nature. Ground yourself. Open your senses. Admire the beauty of the natural world.
  9. Charge yourself bathing in the sunshine and full moon light.
  10. Connect daily with your friends and loved ones
  11. Be kind with yourself. If you’re not feeling great, support yourself back into wellbeing – one step at a time…

self-care yoga

I hope this helps and gives you some inspiration. Would love to hear what else works for you and which practices have been supporting you in this time? Please share below in the comments!