Moms who work from home know how time-consuming it can be to juggle kids, housework, and your business. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is always a challenge, but I’ve put together 11 time-saving tips that will help you get more done in less time!

Tip #1: Have time to spare? Use it wisely.

If you have a few minutes before lunch and your kids are playing nicely, use the time to finish up a small project or clean out those closets. You’ll feel so much lighter when you’re finished!

Tip #2: Be an organized parent to be more productive at work

Be sure to keep your kid’s rooms and toys neat so that you can find things when you need them! Label their clothes, pack lunches ahead of time (the night before), use a “one in one out” system to avoid clutter and time wasted looking for things.

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Tip #3: Turn your chores into gold!

Doing laundry every day can be time-consuming, but if you have time during the week or at the end of the workday, load up all those dirty clothes and start a load. You’ll have time in the morning or at night to fold, put away and enjoy time with your family!

Tip #4: Make time for yourself by using “me time” as an excuse

If you’re feeling burnt out at work, use time off as an excuse to take time for yourself. Whether it’s taking a day off, going for a walk, or just taking time to read – make time for yourself.

Tip #5: Pack lunch the night before so that it will be ready when school starts

If packing lunches is a hassle during the day, prep them ahead of time on Sunday night. Ask your kids to help, and you’ll have an easier time getting ready in the morning!

Tip #6: Use time wisely by monitoring your time spent on social media

If you’re constantly finding yourself scrolling endlessly through Facebook or Instagram, take a look at the time of day and how much time in total you’ve spent looking at all those posts. You might be surprised to find that time spent on social media takes up a lot of time, and think about what else you could be doing with that time.

Tip #7: Keep time by using timers for tasks

If you have a task like cleaning the house or making dinner, time it out with your phone timer. You’ll find that all those hours add up, and before you know it, the work is done!

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Tip #8: Take time to plan your time

Schedule tasks in the day and use a timer or alarm set on your phone for specific time frames. You’ll be able to stay on top of what needs to be done and when it’s due, leaving some room to spend time with your family.

Tip #9: Use time wisely by planning out tasks

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with work, take a look at your list and prioritize the most time-consuming or important items first, so that when it’s time for something less important, it won’t seem as daunting! 

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Tip #10: Keep a positive attitude and do not compare yourself to others

Try to focus on the positive aspects of working from home or having your small home business. Don’t compare yourself to other moms who may be more successful than you are at home working.

Tip #11: Use the Pomodoro technique for time management

The Pomodoro technique is a time-management method that breaks up work into intervals and encourages you to take short, frequent breaks.

To use the Pomodoro technique, time yourself for 25 minutes. After that time is up, take a five-minute break (or time to relax). Repeat the process as many times as you need to complete your task.

Moms who work from home often find time management to be a challenge. From time spent on social media, time wasted looking for items, and time spent doing chores, time can slip through your fingers. Use the tips above to take time back for you and your family!