I recently bought a planner. Because I want to be plaaaaned. I am going to be so productive that my laundry won’t know what hit it.

I am going to walk down the streets in my black, knee-high boots, long peacoat with oversized buttons on the front, wearing soft, leather gloves. My planner will be tucked under one arm and I will be pulling a rolling suitcase behind me with lots of important stuff inside.

You know, because I have important places to go and important shit to do. I am importaaaaaaant, damnit!!!!!!


In reality, I am probably going to write stuff down for a week, lose the planner, and go back to randomly writing on my notepad. But, hey, at least I tried.

For now, I am humoring myself by looking through this planner and all of my various “To-Do” lists.

And, here are my best hacks for being the most productive-get-shit-done-look-out-laundry person that you can be.

11 Fundamental Checkpoints for Productivity

1- Don’t announce, just do.

2- Don’t try, just do.

3- Say no. Often.

4- Think about what would happen if you didn’t do it?

5- Surround yourself with motivated people.

6- Do the hard stuff first.

7- Remember that multitasking isn’t a thing.

8- Take care of yourself. (If you don’t work, nothing will.)

9- Stop giving so many shits about getting shit done.

10- Make a “Do NOT Do” List. Get rid of what is unnecessary and wasting your time.

11- Give what you are lacking.

“The love we give away is the only love we keep.” ~Elbert Hubbard

Priority over productivity

Productivity isn’t all about how much we can get done in the shortest possible time. It’s about prioritizing and detaching.

When our schedules and our lives become full (or saturated) it might be time to wring some stuff out. So, eliminate the things that you don’t have to do/don’t like to do or the things that just aren’t doing you any favors. Write them on a list.

Because NOT doing certain things is just as important as doing certain things.

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