Not everybody can write. This is a well-known fact. If you are one of those who cannot write or don’t like writing, an essay as a writing assignment may be frustrating.

A UK essay may spoil your grade if you write it inappropriately. What to do? How to solve the problem? There are so many tips on how to write an essay, though they are rather standard than really helpful. So, what to do? You know already that each essay should consist of:

An introduction, to explain to your reader what you are going to write about.

The main part, to present your ideas, comparisons, views.

A conclusion, to make sure the reader understood everything that you wanted to tell.

You have made yourself acquainted with general tips on how to research a topic, how to make an outline, how to arrange your paper, but the main question is still unanswered: how to write? Here are some tips that will help you to create a style of a real writer, to avoid unnecessary things and to make your writing just perfect.

Long Words Are Just Too Long

Why do you need long words? To make your reader confused? Then, most likely, the reader will not be willing to read your essay till the end. You can afford long words only if you are writing an essay in a specific field and long terms are inevitable there. Have you written many of such essays though?

Excessive Adjectives Are Your Enemies

When you use adjectives to make your writing more colorful, it is fine. Another thing is when you use them too much. Sometimes, to read all the adjectives, your reader needs to put some effort. Sometimes, he or she may forget what you were writing about. Using too many adjectives is the best way to distract your reader and to make him or her bored.

Avoid Passive Voice

You want to create a feeling of action. You want to make your reader engaged in reading. Then, use active voice! Make your reader feel each paragraph as if all the events are happening to him or her. Active voice fills your essay with energy and thrill.

Be Attentive to Punctuation

Do you remember the sentence “Let’s eat mom”? If you use wrong punctuation, you may change the meaning of your idea. Hence, before submitting your paper, make sure all punctuation is used correctly. Read all aloud, stop at each punctuation sign to make sure that you have done it properly.

Avoid Unnecessary Expressions

Write only the things that are important to your paper. Explain your ideas without unnecessary deviations and expressions. It is strange when you are writing an essay about poverty in Africa, but make a deviation to describe a sunset today. Moreover, it is weird and distracts a lot. If you want to avoid a negative impression of your writing, avoid unnecessary expressions and deviations.

Metaphors Make Your Essay Sound Artistic

Use metaphors. Do not be afraid to be original. Metaphors make your essay sound vivid and artistic. Metaphors are there to make your paper sparkle.

Use Adverbs to Make Actions Intense

Such adverbs, as “gently, calmly, vividly”, etc., will make your verbs sound in a different way. Adverbs add emotions to actions and make them personal. Adverbs make your essay speak in a different voice.

Editing Follows After Writing

It is difficult to resist a temptation to correct this or that when you are writing. Just relax. You are writing now. This is a continuous process, enjoy it, do not interrupt it with editing. If you are tired or getting distracted, take a break and then, continue writing.

After you have completed the essay, proofread it. Check all words, sentences, passages. And, finally, submit it.