Sometimes, it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed every morning. On workdays, it can be even worse. As you check your makeup and perhaps shuttle a few kids out the door to school, it’s hard to squelch those negative feelings about work. But squelch you must, for the way you look at life has a big impact on it.

It’s not just about being a positive role model for any kids you have…it’s about being positive for yourself. Granted, that can be challenging when you work in a place that heaps on the stress. Read on and you’ll find out 12 handy hacks that will help you feel more positive in the workplace, no matter how bad it is!

1. Learn all you can

Even if you’re a seasoned pro at what you do, don’t ever stop learning. New tech and innovations can help you do your job more easily. Plus, it boosts up your skill set which makes you even more desirable. If your current workplace is a nightmare, learning more will give you more credentials that can make you stand out at a place that you do want to work for. 

2. Take proper escapes

You might have a big project to get done, but you still need to take real breaks. This helps you clear your head and stretch your legs, not to mention that short time away can make you more productive. Just make sure you get away from your desk. This is especially true for lunch. Step away and you’ll have a happier attitude when you come back.

3. Stop taking work home

You’re not a prisoner! Let go of office stuff when you go home. Your family and your life are important. If you start feeling like those things have been taken from you, it’s hard to maintain a positive outlook. Plus, you’ll run yourself ragged working round the clock. Once you get home, it’s time for YOU!

4. Flock with positive people

Negativity breeds negativity, yet positivity attracts more positivity. So stick with those that have a good attitude all around. Yes, there will be times you’ll have something to complain about, but if you look for solutions rather than focusing on problems, you’ll win. Plus, positive people will help you rise above anything that bogs you down.

5. Get enough sleep

It’s next to impossible to be Suzie Sunshine when you haven’t slept well. Start going to bed a little earlier each night so you get enough rest. Lack of sleep doesn’t just give you puffy, dark circles under your eyes. It also makes you lose focus and feel grumpy and stressed. 

6. Create a positive workspace

Decorate your space with things that make you feel good. Positive affirmations, photos of family and people you love, cute and fuzzy animals…whatever works. Put your headphones to good use too. Play music that makes you feel good or listen to an encouraging podcast to help keep a positive frame of mind. 

7. Set mini work goals

Maybe your dream is to run the entire creative team someday. As you work toward that goal though, set up mini goals that you can achieve on your way. You’ll feel like you’re getting somewhere with each accomplishment.

8. Create your own mission statement

Every company has a mission statement, so why not you? Define your purpose at your workplace, what you live for, and what motivates you. It will inspire you to keep going when the going gets tough.

9. Quit complaining

Complaining is like a rocking chair in that it gives you something to do but doesn’t really do anything. Venting here and there to a close friend is one thing, but when you’re constantly complaining, you’re drawing in more negativity. Look for the positives in every situation to find your way out of the doldrums. 

10. Laugh more

Children laugh all the time. So when exactly did we stop doing that? It’s time to bring the laughs back. Learn to find the humor in every situation. While you probably shouldn’t burst into laughter when the CEO calls a meeting about an issue, see the humorous side in other things. Like when the printer jams AGAIN or make up silly slogans in good humor to help power you through your preparations for a big client pitch.

11. Do that happy hour

It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to drink, but make sure you join in on some of the after work activities when you can. You don’t have to be there for all outside activities, but even making an appearance, especially when the big boss is there, looks good. You may find you even like your coworkers more when you get outside the confines of the office and into a more relaxed setting. 

12. Take care of your health

Along with negativity comes stress. And stress can cause serious harm to your mental and physical well-being. Take the time to nourish yourself inside with healthy foods that keep you feeling fit and balanced. Don’t neglect your mind either. It’s a full-circle approach that will bring you to better wellness which will serve to make you feel more positive all around. 

With these 12 tips for positivity in the workplace, life will seem less bleak. When you take control of your life in positive ways, you carve out new paths for your future. Plus, you’ll feel better all the way as you work to move forward in your career.