1) Watching the sun set or the moon rise. Trust me, it is one of the most underrated         pleasures of life

2) Indulging in a spiritual experience. Your spiritual experience need not be focusing        on the divinity. You can feel your soul and a growth of spiritual awakening by doing      an activity which moves you closer to your authentic self. It can be as simple as            going on a short walk or taking out fifteen minutes to just do nothing and                      acknowledging the presence of emotions.

3) Life is not meant to be lived in quadrants. Balance of our aspirations, our personal      and professional growth, the growth of our conscience and spirit must go hand in        hand. Our kundalini awakens only when we listen to what our body, minds and            souls have to say.

4) Starting a day with wishing a good morning to our loved ones impact our moods          significantly. When we vocalise a yippee word such as good we attract goodness.          Also, it shifts our focus to cherish what we have, not to what we don’t.

5) Making small day goals such as hugging at least five people can make you feel              more fulfilled

6) Taking up pet projects like acknowledging the influence of your friends and family         on social media once a week, remaining vintage by sharing handcrafted notes with       your loved ones, devoting at least an hour a week towards a cause bigger than us         transpires into a state of bliss.

7) Creating your sanctuary which can be a particular spot in your house, or your city         gives you the energies which will inspire you to introspect about various aspects. If       that sanctuary has plants and fresh linen in them then that would be an icing on           the cake.

8)The feeling of just taking out some time to just observe pets and kids while they            grow up before our eyes is magical. In spite of the stumbling blocks and your                present state of melancholy, the immense joy, love and surprise you feel thaws all        your frozen cold pieces.

9)The beauty which lies in documenting and journalizing our memories and thoughts      has been greatly misplaced.

10) If we use social media and other sharing platforms to express ourselves which              aligns with our personalities,beliefs, and creativity then our days won’t only be              counted more productive but also we will feel more inclusive in the world. After            all,as global citizens we have responsibilities towards our planet and greater good.

11)Taking out at least half an hour extra towards that one thing which makes you              more like yourself. If your hectic life doesn’t afford you the opportunity to be                completely yourself then, just focus on one aspect of it completely in that half an          hour. For instance, if you like to dress up well and make statements with your                attire then do it in spite of your environment. It will leave you with a feeling which        will only galvanize your latent energy.

12)Talking to people younger and older to your age group and to people belonging to       different backgrounds, ethnicity, culture and traditions. It opens up our minds to         receive information which makes us wholesome and open-minded.

Originally published at www.thesaturninesoul.com