if you’re someone who dreads getting older, there are things you can do to make the process more enjoyable. Following the 12 tips below can make your golden years just as fun and satisfying as the good old days.

  1. Purchase health insurance

The health insurance you had in your 20s might have been a good choice then. However, getting older can cause you to develop more health conditions, and you may need more coverage than your previous plan can provide. Before you retire, research Medicare and other health insurance plans that give you the coverage you need at a reasonable price.

  1. Home modifications

If you’re planning to remain in your home, there are a few changes you should implement to make your home senior-friendly. Moving your bedroom to the first floor, decluttering your home, and installing grab-bars and anti-slip mats increase mobility and decrease accidents. Making these few small changes can help you feel more comfortable in your home.

  1. Maintaining your sense of purpose

You might be wondering what your purpose in life will be once you’ve retired and your kids have moved out. Finding a new sense of purpose can be simple. Serving a neighbor or mentoring local neighborhood kids can bring you a sense of achievement. Maintaining a sense of fulfillment can help you live longer and increase your physical health.

  1. Transportation

Getting around town when you can no longer drive becomes a challenge. You need to find alternative ways of getting to doctor appointments, the grocery store, and to social events. Public transportation and demand response services are all alternative methods of transportation that can get you where you need to be. Learning to rely on these methods before retirement can help make the transition easier.

  1. End-of-life expenses

If you’re concerned about your family’s ability to pay for burial or funeral expenses, you should invest in burial insurance. Covering those costs can be a huge relief to your family. There are plenty of providers out there that will cover your end-of-life care and funeral expenses.

  1. Building your retirement fund

If you’re not planning on working during your retirement years, you’ll need to have a good chunk of change saved up. Set up an IRA or 401(K) account and frequently deposit money into this account. Diligently building up your retirement fund over the years ensures you have enough money to live comfortably and happily during your golden years.

  1. Create a will

If you suddenly get sick or pass on unexpectedly, you’ll want to be sure your family has specific instructions on how to handle your medical care and your possessions. Create a will that outlines the kind of medical care you want as well as how to distribute your finances and property. Doing so allows your family to grieve instead of trying to figure out what you would’ve wanted.

  1. Plan your funeral

Arranging your funeral might seem a little morbid, but doing so allows you to be put to rest the way you want. Plus, it’ll spare your family from making difficult decisions. Do you want to be buried or cremated? Where would you like to be laid to rest? Do you want to have a big funeral? Who should speak? Figure out these details before you retire so you can enjoy your last few years.

  1. Stay active and healthy

No matter how old you are, taking care of your body is crucial. Exercising and eating healthy as you get older increases longevity. During your retirement years, maintaining a regular exercise schedule can improve your memory, your mind, and your mood. Plus, a healthy lifestyle makes for a more enjoyable retirement.

  1. Talk with your family

Have a conversation with your family about how you want to spend your retirement years and which medical care you want to receive. Talking with your family about end-of-life care allows them to be a part of the decision-making process, which can help them get on board with your wishes faster. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing your family is there to support you until the end.

  1. Stay mentally active

Forgetting names and where you put your keys is a common side effect of age. You’ll find that your mental dexterity isn’t quite what it used to be. However, there are plenty of ways to keep your memory sharp. Trying something new, keeping a journal, and even eating dark chocolate can help you maintain mental health and help you avoid developing dementia or Alzheimer’s.

  1. Have a happy attitude

No one wants to spend their retirement years isolated and depressed. Your golden years should be filled with new adventures and happiness. Keeping a positive, lively attitude throughout your life can help you age peacefully and happily. A good attitude allows you to enjoy your retirement more fully.

Getting older brings on a whole new set of adventures and opportunities. Don’t spend your golden years trying to scrape money together or arguing with your spouse about your funeral arrangements. Following the tips above and preparing for old age throughout your life can help you enjoy all the freedom retirement brings.