Autumn slips into winter heralding the start of the holiday season. There’s so much to enjoy. Brisk walks, relaxing with friends, drinking hot chocolate, wearing cosy jumpers, fluffy hats and warm gloves. It also means cold dark, damp mornings. Waking up and leaving your warm bed to get ready for the working day can feel harsh. 
Here are some simple tips that can improve your morning. Have a nice day!
1.      Start the night before by getting enough sleep. Try switching off your digital devices after dinner, so your hours before sleep are screen-free. This will help relax you. 
2.      Build good sleep practices by setting a regular time to go to bed. Remove technology from the bedroom to reduce the temptation to browse the net when you could be sleeping. 
3.      Get an old fashion alarm clock instead of using your smartphone. Try a relaxing mantra such as ‘nowhere to go, nothing to do, time to rest’ and repeat in your mind as you focus on breathing. 
4.      When you wake, make your first drink is a glass of water rather than rush for caffeine. You’ll feel better for being adequately hydrated. 
5.      Crack open a window to let the air circulate. Breath in for 3, hold for 4 and out for 5. Repeat 3 times or more and breath normally.
6.      Take a couple of minutes to stretch fully. Your limbs will thank you, and your brain will be reassured that all is well. 
7.      Make your bed. Doing this means you have accomplished something immediately, and your room will feel inviting when you return home. 
8.      As you clean your teeth, try standing on first one leg then the other. It’s excellent for improving balance and strengthening your legs. If you use an electric toothbrush, you can time yourself with the 2-minute steering: one minute each leg. 
9.      Try choosing your clothes the night before. This act cuts out decision making when you have little time in the morning. 
10.  Make sure you eat something before you leave for work. Try overnight oats or a banana to give you a boost. You can always pack something to take with you. How about using your travel coffee mug for a nourishing smoothie instead? 
11.  Commuting can be stressful, so make a plan. Take water with you. Have something to read that makes you smile. Take earbuds to provide some quiet. Maybe download one of the mindfulness apps like Calm, Buddhify or Headspace. Can you get off a stop early to walk and get some exercise? 
12.  Arriving at work, spend a few minutes thinking about the essential things you want to achieve today. This way, you will feel more in control and resourceful. Routine email can come later. ‚Äč


  • Beverly Landais

    Professional Certified Coach

    Beverly Landais Executive Coaching

    Beverly Landais is an ICF professional certified coach (PCC). She comes to coaching from a senior business background, including board level. Beverly is also a certified Positive Psychology coach having trained with the Wholebeing Institute. Her purpose is simple. She works with people to help them be at their resourceful best.