Fake relationships
fake relationships

Fake relationships are the types I should define as ones without satisfaction. If you are in a relationship and you are not enjoying your partner then it should be defined as fake relationships. In most cases, ladies are at the receiving end of fake relationships.

However, you might be attracted by the charming words and sweet gestures of a man. And you will become ecstatic that your prince charm is finally here. Of course, some guys make it “as long and happy as possible” for you, but those mentioned in this message are not. So, please stay away from this type of men.

We know that the perfect man does not exist. Yes, not the perfect girl too! Of course, each person will have some negative features, but there must be a limit, right? There are some types of men who cannot bear any woman. You may be hopelessly in love with them. Therefore, you need open your eyes, or at least your brain. It’s good to be a bit blind in love, but do not be stupid because it might lead to an abusive relationship if not fake relationships.

So here are some types of guys you should not stay long with. Kindly check if the man you are dating fits into one of these types because it’s time to say goodbye. However, for the guys who read this, if you think you belong to one of the following, try to improve your ways.

The Mama’s Boy

Let me first mention this; We do not mean that someone who loves his mother and cares for his mother is terrible. In fact, it’s a big turn. However, there must be a rule, a limit. Every little thing cannot be done except according to his mother. Imagine that the man asks his mother what to wear or what to eat, or to continually talk to the phone when he is with you. Not cool.

The Rebound Guy

This guy is not older than his ex, and you’re just a distraction for him. Ouch! That hurts, but it’s true! He just needs someone to forget about his beloved ex. He will keep comparing your little things with her. Talking about your ex is okay but obsessive about her, probably not.

The Man Child

The man-child or the peter-pan just does not want to grow. He only lives from his parents’ money or just works to pay off his bills. Also, he continually needs you to take care of him. He behaves like a high school child and demands that you cook for him and feed him. Dating is the same as adopting an overweight child. Hopefully, you do not want to do that.

The one who never is around

You have to wait for his answer for hours; He will never pick your phone and call you back whenever he wants to. You do not have to be with someone that you consider to be selfish. Forget to feel special and loved; He’s not even there if you need him most. He will call you when he wants you. He will make plans without talking to you. Why do you need this guy, just dump him?

The Liar

This type of guy is a compulsive liar. Also, he will lie about his relationships, career, salary, home or car. He just wants to sketch a rosy image of his perfect life to impress you. Once you fall for him, little moment to enjoy with him, and you will realize that he is not the man for which you fell, even not close. Whatever the reason is, lying is not cool. The fact is that you don’t deserve such guy.

The guy who never pays

He asked you out and asked you to pay because he doesn’t have money. Okay, you paid, but what if this happens regularly? Girl, it’s time to dump this loser, who will not even share the bill with you. We do not expect the man to pay for all dates, but he can offer or split the account at any rate. This one just wants to have his cake and eat.

The Obsessed One

He is obsessed with you. He wants to talk to you every day, every day. If you do not meet him, he will appear at your workplace or home; He will ask you every move, he wants to know everything about you. The man does not know how to give space or respect your personal life.

Sharing is good, but if he starts telling you where to go and where not, that’s too much. He wants you alone, all for himself. No doubt, this is an evident obsession which is not cute at all. So take him away before he becomes a burden for you.

The Needy One

Even the thought of this guy is enough to make me angry. He is very excited and will love you like a parasite. He will always send you SMS, wants to meet you every day, always wants to talk to you. I’m sure you do not have so much patience. Just get rid of him because you are in fake relationships.

The Cheater

He has played falsely in the past and will be fake in the future. There is nothing bad giving room for a second chance to someone you love, but there’s some regret to be shown by the man. If he just tries to find excuses and is not ready to accept his mistake, then it does not make sense to be with him. He is interested in every woman he is watching. Even when he is with you, he will look shamelessly on other women. You do not need such a mess or fake relationships, just let him go.

The flirting Type

He is handsome and oh so charming. He knows how to make you fall for him. Yes, before the flirt is getting dating many girls and then choosing the best options. You can never expect to be a priority with this man.

If he is free on Friday night, he will call you. However, if he has better options, he will come up with some apologies. It is difficult for girls to resist those sweeter-than-honey words and sparkling eyes. He’s just going to play with you until he’s bored. So you’re just wasting your time.

The Commitment Phobia

This type of man is found abundantly. He likes to go out with you, he loves to have a walk with you, but he will not commit to you. He will have a story about how a girl broke his heart or bring some boring stories. Whatever the reason, do not go out with him unless you’re just looking for a flirt. Everything will look perfect, but you can never get security and love from him.

The Narcissistic Type

He is probably handsome, but, according to him, he is the most good-looking man in the world. He will take more time to be ready than you. Also, he will use an abundance of beauty products to maintain his turbulent appearance, and he will never criticize his appearance in a positive way.

Though ladies are attracted to deceptive things that stumble them into a fake marriage. Relationships sometimes might not go well but that is not the end, so here are 9 amazing tips to fix a broken relationship. So how many of these have you dated before? Share your experiences with us in such fake relationships. Also, if there are more than these types kindly use the comment box to share with us.

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