This is something you should obligatory remember. In most occasions, our inner voice knows better than our logical mind which path to choose. This is some sort of intuition. It is pretty strong and oftentimes, it really helped people to find themselves in this world.

Some of our feelings may tell us whether the choices we made serve our purpose. Accordingly, it would be helpful to learn and remember definite feelings that are the true evidence that you are going the right direction in your life.

So, what are these feelings? We can bet that you know most of them or even all.

1. Happiness. It goes beyond all doubts that the presence of happiness in your life is the sign that your life choices are correct. You enjoy your life at full because it works for you.

2. Support. The sense of support is crucial for any sphere of our activity. If you feel that other people agree with your preferences then you are obviously right.

3. Self-confidence. If you believe in yourself, you will manage everything. The certainty in what you are undertaking signifies that you aren’t wrong.

4. Freedom. Commonly, we feel some inconveniences due to the deeds we make when they are wrong. If you feel the total freedom and no doubts, you are on the right road.

5. Pride. Another sign that you are treading the right path is when you take pride in your achievements.

6. Patience. Your confidence is supposed to be combined with great patience. If you don’t feel anxiety, aren’t afraid of the upcoming things you should go on. You will definitely achieve your objectives.

7. The feeling of control. It is utterly important to feel that you can control the situation. Even if there happen some unexpected things, you can overcome them as well.

8. Excitement about the future. If you are looking forward to the things to come, you are totally sure that they will be pleasant and will serve your goals.

9. Full of energy. You will never be exhausted if your life choices are correct. Pleasant things don’t suck the life out of you.

10. No regrets. The lack of regrets means that you were right when undertaking this or that step.

11. Everything runs smoothly. There are cases when even some wrong things turn to be beneficial for you.

12. Everything is alright. Sometimes, we feel that each step is right because we make everything perfect.

13. Fun. Finally, if you’re having fun you’re definitely hitting the right direction.

Despite those nice feelings that tell you that you are heading the needed direction, you should likewise memorize some other feelings, which may mislead you.

· Everything falls apart. At times, it feels that whatever you do is simply wrong. This is the true evidence that the time of changes has come. Try to change something in your life to get rid of that feeling.

· You’re sick of everything. In the occasion, you feel sick about the things you do quit them! This is another sign that you have chosen the wrong path.

· You lack self-confidence. You should be totally sure in the things you are doing. If you don’t feel confident about the lifestyle you have chosen change it.

· You are afraid. The constant presence of fear is very negative and you should overcome it. For instance, many students fear to make mistakes while writing a task and as the result, they seek assignment help because they are not able to cope with their emotions.

· You lack comfort. Another sign that you are going the wrong direction is a constant feeling of inconvenience.

· You are afraid to let go. If you wish to start something new to reach happiness and success, you should let the past go without hesitation.

Remember both lists and use them to your advantage. Thus, you will be sure when you go the right direction and when you go astray. Listen to your heart and be self-confident. Everything depends on your desires and feelings.