I have been working with the company for more than eight months. And I love working here.

Today, I’m sharing 13 Reasons Why I love working here. Please take a moment:

1. First, let’s talk about FOOD: Company provides FREE lunch, Snacks, Fruits, and surprise goodies.

2. The second best thing that WE all LOVE- Breaks: There is a relaxing space where employees can have a short break and play games. As now we are working remotely, we virtually have tea/coffee breaks and play games. Sound cool 🙂

3. Now Let’s talk about Company Environment: The company has a positive working environment. The company takes care of employees’ work-life balance and they also help you in our personal growth.

4. The next important thing is Communication: Company valued our feedback. We can give our feedback or wishlist to the company. There is two-way communication between employee and employer in the company. We can voice out our thoughts and is being respected.

5. You don’t have to worry about your home office setup: The company helps you to set up your home office. The company offers amazing perks to employees to buy amazing furniture, standing desks, headphones, and the Internet.

6. Remote culture: Springworks takes care of remote employees’ mental well-being. Regularly conduct mental well-being sessions where we ask experts to come and talk to our employees.

7. Next favorite thing Rewards (We all love this): It is about transferring points to employees or colleagues as an appreciation of their hard work. If you ask for help from your colleagues, you can also transfer points to him/her as an appreciation. This helps in enhancing our company’s teamwork and motivation.

8. Encourage to Learn New Things: I love that I’m encouraged to try new things out and be Creative. And if it doesn’t work out I’m supported to learn lessons, dust myself off and try again.

9. Surprise Time-off: Recently the company gives a surprise “ONE-DAY” Time off to all the employees. What else you need. 🙂

10. We Laugh Everyday: There is always something to laugh about every single day. Laughter is the best medicine.

11. SUPER Helpful Colleagues: I love the people I work with across the company. My colleagues are awesome, talented, funny, and helpful. 

12. Supporting Management: Our management cares about employees and treats them well. Our CEO is one of the coolest CEOs I have met. 

13. Knowledge sharing: People love sharing their knowledge here. We learn from each other.

The article is inspired by my Glassdoor Review.