By Beth Derrick

You know the feelings: the discomfort, the internalized loneliness, the uneasy feelings in the pit of your stomach, the suspicions of “something’s off” and slight twinge of wanting to look at their phone to confirm you’re not going insane. We’ve all been there, maybe just once, or maybe repeatedly. It flat out sucks, but you’re not alone, and there is someone beautiful and magical and that loves you beyond your wildest imagination on the other side of a relationship’s ending. I’ve pulled from my own expired and past relationships to summarize 13 signs the relationship is coming to its fateful end, and it’s nearing time to make a self-loving decision.

1. Eye rolling

2. Huffs in place of kind, loving conversation

3. Lack of communication on daily events

4. Being ignored

5. Lack of eye contact

6. Reduced consideration in future plans

7. Feeling alone in the relationship

8. Feeling crowded in the relationship

9. Little/no interest in wanting to attend social functions together

10. Contempt, smirks, grudges

11. If one of you feels better than the other, better than the situation

12. Cheating, lying, increased activity in addictive behavior

13. Secrecy

If you’ve been on the giving, or receiving, end of any of these feelings and actions, you know that gut wrenching, painstaking, nauseating feeling of the inevitable. Yet, so many of us fight it to stay, to keep the peace, to make the peace. We walk on eggshells, we hold our tongue, we stay in expired relationships. Why? You don’t wallow around in your own poo once you’ve done your deed, why do we punish ourselves and cause our hearts further damage?

Take this very short and sweet advice, now: GET OUT.

Seriously, if you’re in an old, stale, expired relationship that has zero chance of going anywhere happy, GTFO. Give yourself, and your relationship companion, your lives back. Get out there and be single and happy again, be yourself, find yourself. Develop yourself. You never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll create, what’s waiting just on the other side of that decision. In my experience, it’s always ALWAYS been amazing.

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