131 Self-Care Tips to Re-Energize Your Life

Life can get pretty damn stale. Day after day and week after week, you get up and cycle through the same activities with the same people, eat the same foods in the same places and continue to put yourself last all the same.

Too often we allow ourselves to settle into the day-to-day and drain ourselves to the core running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to stick with the same routine. You can—and should—mix it up with every chance you get. You are entitled to throw a wrench into the plan and do whatever you feel like doing—especially if it will help you approach everything else in your life with a fresh perspective or a full tank. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Truth is, life should be an adventure—it should be spent experiencing new things and spreading joy to others. It should be spent doing things you enjoy with people you love. It should be spent thriving.

So instead of just going through the motions once again, try switching it up with one of the dozens of ideas below. I hope this serves as the inspiration you need to finally break your routine and experience life in a whole new way. I hope you refresh, revamp, revitalize and recharge. I hope you learn to lean in to change—and put yourself first in the process.

131 Self-Care Tips

  1. Take a different route to work

  2. Try a different coffee or tea

  3. Say yes to an invite you’d otherwise turn down

  4. Introduce yourself to a stranger

  5. Flex your green thumb

  6. Make a new recipe for dinner

  7. Try a different fitness class

  8. Call (yes, call!) an old friend

  9. Perform a random act of kindness

  10. Tip way more than you normally would

  11. Start a side project

  12. Find a new hobby

  13. Join a book club

  14. Go to brunch

  15. Take a last-minute vacation

  16. Plan a surprise

  17. Send a bottle of wine to a friend

  18. Write a love letter to yourself

  19. Go on a day trip

  20. Shop local

  21. Gift a souvenir

  22. Randomly order from a menu

  23. Go for a long walk

  24. Visit a museum you’ve never been to

  25. Start a journal

  26. Binge a new TV show

  27. Leave your phone at home

  28. Take on a DIY project

  29. Make a piece of art

  30. Sign up for a cooking class

  31. Have dessert

  32. Meditate

  33. Apologize to someone

  34. Have a spa day

  35. Look up

  36. Learn a new language

  37. Visit a winery

  38. Donate to a cause

  39. Volunteer for those in need

  40. Smile for no reason

  41. Go antiquing

  42. Throw a dinner party

  43. Clean out a closet

  44. Organize a sleepover

  45. Write down what you’re grateful for in this moment

  46. Take your own advice

  47. Cut out a toxic friend from your life

  48. Visit a new city

  49. Read a second (or even third) source

  50. Go off the grid

  51. Sleep in

  52. Go to a movie by yourself

  53. Put your finances first

  54. Redo your resume

  55. Go for a hike

  56. Put your toes in the sand

  57. Use a classic camera

  58. See your favorite musician live

  59. Cash in on an IOU

  60. Start a karma jar

  61. Write your favorite author or blogger

  62. Enter a sweepstakes or contest

  63. Take a deep breath

  64. Try a new restaurant

  65. Hire a personal trainer

  66. Send a card

  67. Forgive someone who wronged you

  68. Change your mindset

  69. Create a 5-year plan

  70. Ask yourself why

  71. Give a compliment

  72. Say a prayer

  73. Make a to-do list

  74. Travel to a new city

  75. Sing in the shower

  76. Make up a cocktail

  77. Take a social media break

  78. Get closer to someone you can be yourself around

  79. Consult a professional

  80. See a standup comedy show

  81. Set a new goal

  82. Switch up your look

  83. Listen to understand

  84. Clear your schedule

  85. Don’t take it personally

  86. Attend a rally or march

  87. Reveal a long-held secret

  88. Think about how far you’ve come

  89. Take the scenic route

  90. Pamper yourself

  91. Offer to help a friend in need

  92. Focus on solutions

  93. Choose to see the bright side

  94. Take a chance

  95. Keep it moving (forward)

  96. Stand up for yourself

  97. Use a planner to map out your week

  98. Ask a friend to teach you something

  99. Plan a road trip

  100. Tell someone you love them

  101. Think before you act

  102. Start a bucket list

  103. Take a long bath

  104. Believe you can

  105. Give someone the benefit of the doubt

  106. Practice the art of less is more

  107. Listen to your body and your mind (you know what you need)

  108. Cheer loudly and unapologetically

  109. Surround yourself with positive energy

  110. Focus on one thing at a time

  111. Watch the sunrise or sunset

  112. Practice what you preach

  113. Think about your place in the Universe

  114. Implement healthy boundaries

  115. Choose to be a victor

  116. Put yourself first

  117. Play tourist in your own city

  118. Visit a library

  119. Take the first step

  120. Take your time

  121. See happiness as a choice

  122. Don’t surrender your power

  123. Remember that everything is information

  124. See something through to completion

  125. Clear your thoughts

  126. Dance for no reason

  127. Take a quiz

  128. Don’t keep score

  129. Give someone your undivided attention

  130. Acknowledge your defense mechanisms

  131. Find stillness and stay there for a few minutes

What are some of your favorite self-care tips and tricks? Share yours in the comments—or Tweet me at @crackliffe.

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