Owing to the current situation, going outdoors is not an option. Plus, schools are also closed and most of us are working from home. This means you get to spend a lot of family time with your kids and spouses. This is the time to create new family traditions and find new ways to strengthen that special bond. But, with so many people living together things can become monotonous and a bit overwhelming. So, with no outdoor activities, you will have to come up with different ways to keep things fun, stress-free, and exciting at home.

Activities do not mean you have to create a timetable and organize scheduled meetings. You can turn little events into fun-filled family events.

To help you plan things, here are a few ideas for you.

Let’s Play Cards

Who doesn’t like a nice game of cards? You can plan evenings where all of you come together to play different card games. To keep things fun, you can have different themes each day. You can dress up or even role play. There are many card games that can have more than one player such as Crazy Eight, Uno, Family Feud, Trumps, etc.


If you had been putting off some home renovation, now is the time to do it. You can get your kids excited by assigning different tasks. Get some paint buckets, brushes and go from room to room. This could be a great DIY project for the entire family.

Create Something

This one has countless possibilities. Your entire family can join heads and come up with a product that you can create. It could be anything from a piece of furniture to a walkie talkie set for your kids. To get your kids excited about it, you can assign product managers and associate product managers. You can put them in charge and allow them to plan the entire thing. By doing this not only will you keep everyone busy, but your kids can also learn to manage projects.  

Painting Murals

You can get together, select a wall in one of your rooms and start painting a mural. This activity will not only be fun, but it will also create memories that you will cherish for a long time. Painting can also bring out the creative side in you and your kids. You can also add an element of learning by telling the kids to come up with a concept and plan the entire project.

Family Feasts

It could be a good idea to plan a family feast every now and then. The meal does not have to be extravagant; you could just make a day of it. You can assign an element to each member of your family and prepare a meal that has something from everyone.

Movie Night

You can have as many movie nights as you want. To get everyone excited about the movie night, take turns to pick the movie. With just popcorns and soda, you and your entire family can enjoy a wonderful experience at home.

Trivia Night

A trivia night can combine learning and fun. You can get together with your family and come up with a theme for each trivia night. You can have different hosts each time, which will keep everyone involved.


Who doesn’t like a game of charades? To make it even more interesting, you can pick different themes for each night. It does not have to be just movies, you can pick themes like books, Disney characters, historical figures, and even celebrities.

Dining Table Debate

You and your family can pick up a topic that you can discuss over lunch or dinner. To make sure that the topics encourage learning, you can add different incentives. For example, the person who does the most research and offers the best insights can pick the movie for the next movie night. You can even have monetary incentives. This activity will not only be fun but will also improve your general knowledge.

The Workout Hour

Instead of working out alone, you can ask your entire family to join you. You can set aside an hour or so each day for exercising. This will be a good family activity and will encourage everyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Start Vlogging

You can start your own vlogging channel. You do not have to put your videos online; you can just make videos and share them with family and friends. You can record different events and share your experiences. If you have read a good book, you can share your reviews. You can also make videos of your family activities. If nothing else, these will allow you to record your memories with your family.

Start a Family Journal 

You can keep a family journal where each member of your family can add their favorite time of the day. You can write about what you enjoyed doing the most or what made you laugh. You can also mention your feelings and other experiences. The journal can be placed on the coffee table so anyone can read it at any time. This could be a unique way to bond with each other and it will bring you together.

Make a Scrapbook

You can start a family scrapbook for the entire family. Every member can use their phones or cameras to take candid photos of each other and print them out for the scrapbook. This will be a fun activity that will make you laugh. You can fill up the book with embarrassing photographs, funny moments, and wonderful family pictures.

Video Game Tournaments

If you have video games at home, then why not have tournaments. You could pick any fun car racing or street fighting game to bring the entire family together.

All these activities are just a way to bring your family together. These will allow you to create memories that you will cherish for a long time to come. Remember, you do not have to plan huge events or go outdoors to have fun, simple things done at home can also become amazing when done together. You just have to be a little creative to come up with different activities that will be interesting for everyone.