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Why is it that some people seem to get more opportunities than others? Are they just lucky? Do they have some inside track that others do not? No, I don’t think so. After many years of coaching, I’ve learned that it has to do with their daily routines and best practices.

Here are 15 simple habits that many of my most successful clients practice that can lead to more opportunities for you too. You can turn the tides in your favor by:

· Getting up an hour earlier to accomplish more.

· Making a list of all that you intend to accomplish for each day

· Finding better uses of your downtime (instead of binging on Netflix or scrolling on your phone).

· Spending some time each day planning.

· Working according to your mood.

· Managing your schedule.

· Avoiding the urge to say yes to everything.

· Finding time for fitness.

· Ensuring that you’re getting enough sleep.

· Helping and supporting others.

· Reading, listening, and paying attention to people.

· Setting aside dedicated time for bigger dreams and goals.

· Watching what’s happening in your industry and staying informed.

· Networking and getting together with people.

· Placing an emphasis on balance.

Use these simple hacks and you’ll find yourself grabbing more opportunities than ever before. After all, we know that thriving has to do with what you put out there as well as what you put in. Do your part to ensure your eventual success by incorporating these daily habits. You’ll make it happen!