The days after losing an hour to daylight savings are tough, but enjoying the small victories in life will make a difference.

Here are some that I thought of today:

  1. The feeling of getting into your bed right after you wash your sheets.
  2. Rediscovering a song you used to love, but haven’t heard in awhile, and then listening to it over and over again.
  3. Getting tagged in a great meme by a friend who just understands your sense of humor perfectly.
  4. When the samples are on point at Costco.
  5. When you go to the store to buy something, and find out it’s on sale when you were already willing to buy it at full price.
  6. Putting on new socks, and remembering how much better life is with super soft socks.
  7. Actually knowing what you want to eat for your next meal, and the satisfaction you feel when you finally get to eat it. Even if it’s 2 am and you just want Taco Bell..
  8. Meeting someone, finding out they watch the same shows as you, and instantly being able to have a non-awkward conversation.
  9. When you’re driving in the rain, go under an overpass, and get a brief half second of silence from the rain on your windshield.
  10. Getting at text message that is so funny that you ACTUALLY laugh out loud, and get to legimately type “LOL.”
  11. When you go to someone’s house for the first time and their dog instantly loves you.
  12. When it’s someone’s birthday and you know exactly what to buy them as a gift.
  13. How water tastes colder when you are chewing minty gum.
  14. When you somehow wake up before your alarm and get to go back to sleep.
  15. A perfectly executed high five.

It’s weird how you never know what’ll make you smile, but the more you look the more it’ll happen.

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