Although I am praying for an overnight miracle, it looks like we might be experiencing this quarantine thing for a little while longer.

If this is the case, then we need to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves even more. Being in isolation can be detrimental to the mind if you’re not taking care of the spirit. It’s now more than ever when self-care should be a mandatory daily practice.

Throughout this experience, your perception and actions matter. Whatever you decide to put focus into during this time is a reflection of your current mindset. How you view this experience and the decisions you make throughout it will determine your results in a few months. Even if you’re only focusing on your internal and personal wellbeing, improving yourself is always a win. Personal development and growth takes the cake. However, deciding to focus on your business, venture, professional goals, etc., is also a great way to take care of yourself because our professional wellbeing matters too.

But for all my self-care committers, here are 15 ideas to practice self-care during quarantine:

Rearrange your house + room

Feng Shui teaches us that the energy in your home is important to increasing the vibrations of happiness, love, and wealth. Therefore, take this time to create flow in your home by rearranging some furniture, vases, products, etc. Rearranging 26 things in your home is also a great way to start.

Read and/or listen

Read a book, listen to an audiobook or podcast. Also try changing it up. If you’re always listening to a podcast about marketing, try one about relationships or food. Indulge your mind.


Since you’re not able to visit Ikea at the moment, how about DIY-ing a project yourself? Go on YouTube and search for DIYs to do at home.

Revisit your dreams

Depending on how this has impacted you, maybe it’s the universe telling you to reflect on your dreams and manifestations. Redo your vision board, goal list, etc. Maybe they need some spring cleaning.

School at home

With everything being digital right now, why not participate in an online course? Hire a coach or mentor? Join a group on Facebook? Sign up for some sort of e-class and study while you quarantine.

Have fun

What do you like to do for fun? See if you can do it indoors. If you live with people, maybe host a game night, a group challenge, a talent show, or a competition. Make it quarantine fun.

Apartment friendly workouts

Straightforward. Continue to take care of your physical wellbeing by doing workouts at-home. You can find plenty of workouts through Google, YouTube, and fitness apps.


Enough with the excuses. You have more than enough time now to clean your room, organize your office, and get your home tidy. This is great for Feng Shui but also amazing for the mental.

Get artsy

Who remembers Art Attack!? Do I really need to say more? But if you’re more of a painting type, check out Bob Ross’ on Netflix. His shows will make you feel so relaxed.

Do nothing

Resting the mind and body is good for the spirit. There’s productivity in relaxation.


Get your creative juices flowing and invent something new or create that prototype for the idea you’ve been sleeping on. Maybe you’ll be the next star of Shark Tank.

Home shoot

Why not visually capture some memories of this experience by setting up a fun photoshoot at home? Get dressed up and take some new Instagram pictures.

Spiritual solitude

Ready to spiritually elevate? Taking this time to reconnect spiritually will do wonders for your life moving forward.

Social media clean up

“Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere” Seriously, it’s time to clean up those social media accounts; unfollow people who make you cringe, remove content that is still present from 2011, touch up that bio, etc.

Enjoy the JOMO

Sometimes, it’s really OK to miss out on some things. Not everything and everyone needs your attention and focus. The Joy Of Missing Out can do wonders for your internal peace.

Don’t forget to continue taking care of yourself during this quarantine. Keep your spirits high and enjoy the ride the best that you can.