To find your true direction in life (your North), you could go and get a tattoo of a compass on your arm, like me. Or…you could experiment with any one of these discovery tips that have truly helped when I have felt lost. Pick a few. Develop your own. The overall idea is righting what is right for you, and then having the courage to walk that path. Take a chance, have fun, and good luck! You’re worth it!

1) Go somewhere magical and sit there and stare

Whether it be water, the trees, the mountains, skyscrapers, or the vast wide open world…whatever, just stare. Take some time for you to meditate, reflect, or just let your mind wander. You might be surprised by what you find.

2) Take time for self-discovery

Similar to the first, but this tip involves actually taking the time to write about it, examine what you find, and start working on it. Figure out what you are all about and what you want out of this crazy life.

3) Go on an adventure (or two)

You know that thing that you’ve always said you’d like to do? Or the thing that you’ve always said someone else was crazy for doing (but secretly wanted to do yourself)? Do that thing. Now is the time.

4) Trust your Gut

You’ve had an inkling. I just know it. At some point, you’ve known, somewhere deep within, what you’ve wanted. You may have covered it up with years of supposed-to’s or be-reasonables. But now I want you to tap into that gut feeling. What is it saying? What is it telling you that you want to know?

5) Art and Doodle

Doodling does wonders for getting us out of our heads, as does art. Any kind. And even though our heads are a part of the equation, they have the troublesome habit of getting in our way. So, through doodling and art, we can often get through and beyond our editorial selves and find the real within.

6) Rebellion at any age

Tattoo, shaved head, eyebrow piercing…these are the ones I have tried. So much fun! But those are me. What about you? What do you want to try? Something new? Something different? If not, that’s okay. But if something sounds like fun, why not?

7) Music, music, music

Writing, listening, jamming, it all helps. Music can bring direction at even the most wayward and unfocused of times, I know. It can be a double-edged sword, though, so be forewarned. It can bring us feelings that we don’t want to feel. But therein also lies the benefit. It has power beyond what we can see that helps us find ourselves…and our true North.

8) Just Drive

Driving does the heart and soul good. Just driving, destination or not. There’s something about it…the focus on the road and yet being able to zone out. The possibility of newness paired with old and comfortable. I can honestly say that much of my life has been sorted out while driving.

9) Choose good mentors

Find people who make you feel better (not those who guilt or are always trying to “teach” you something). Find the ones who are listening, even without personally knowing you (if a big-name mentor), and be selective of the influence you that allow in your direction-finding. Hold on to the ones who feel right.

10) Read

Poetry, prose, fiction, or non-fiction…whatever gets you rolling in the direction of you.

11) Write it out

As a writer, of course I am going to say that you should write. But, again, like most of these tips, only do it if it feels right. And yet I will say, even if you are not a naturally inclined writer, getting anything down on paper helps clarify where you’re at in anything. There are days when even I am like “yeah, no, I don’t want to pick up a pen.” But, once I do, and the words start flowing (often, with very random stuff), what seemed mottled before somehow becomes clear. Just try it.

12) Take a drink (of water)

By this, I am recommending drinking water, but I am also referring to nourishment as a whole. Cleanse in whatever way that you do. Eat and drink to feel good, whatever that means for you. The clarity it provides will do you wonders. Bodily activity could also go along with this tip. Getting in touch with our bodies does amazing things for realizing our direction.

13) Face your Dragons

You know that nay-sayer who never believed in you as a child? Who maybe still has the ability to undermine you, even now? Or maybe the office jerk who gets under your skin? Now is the time to either face them and say shove it, cleanse yourself independently and let go, or clear the air and move on. Realize their invalidity to you and to your purpose, and, especially, to who you really are. Their nay-saying is/was about them, not about you. Let it go.

14) Follow the Signs

I am all about signs, probably because I believe strongly that we attract much of what is in our lives and, if we are open and attuned to it, we can use these signposts to head in the directions that we are most meant to. But it is not about having a pre-destined future; it is more about gravitating toward what is natural and what the world is in agreement with. This goes along with following your gut. Keep eyes open for what looks and feels right. Following that happiness and having it grow will be the best signpost of them all.

15) Believe

In order for any of this to work, you need to believe in it. You need to believe that you will find your right direction and that you will, in fact, get there. Then, the world will agree and you will be well on your way to finding your true North and living it.