Do you sometimes suffer a lack of confidence? Many people struggle with a lack of self-confidence, which is quite difficult. What you need is more confidence in a few seconds! Self-confidence is your self-esteem. If your self-confidence is high, you feel that you don’t need anyone else to achieve what you want.

You have no hesitation or fear because you have a good self-image of yourself. This makes it very likely that the things you undertake or want to achieve will actually succeed.

Unfortunately, having enough self-confidence is not for everyone.

I, too, don’t always have enough self-confidence. I meet a lot of people and I speak a lot of people, but then it sometimes comes up. There are always situations where you feel less comfortable. And I notice that there are quite a few people who suffer from it.

There are many ways to improve your self-confidence in the long term. But often you don’t have that time. If you have to go to a meeting that you are uncertain about, you need solutions quickly. And when you have a conversation that you are very upset about, you immediately want to have some tips that will make you feel better. 15 tips to gain more confidence

  • Smile

Do you feel nervous and uncomfortable? Apply the 1-second tip: smile. We don’t just smile when we are happy and confident. You can also smile to feel better. The expression on your face encourages your brain to register this happy emotion. Smiling is strongly associated with positive feelings, making it almost impossible for you to continue to feel uncomfortable as soon as you smile.

Smiling is much more than just a facial expression. According to dentist upland, by smiling, endorphins are produced in your body. A fabric that provides a great feeling. A smile also stimulates the blood circulation of your face, so that your muscles relax. Moreover, you radiate confidence in someone else when you smile.

If you give someone a smile … you will almost certainly get one back. This gives your self-confidence a huge boost.

  •  Make eye contact

Just like smiling, it is important to make eye contact when meeting people. With eye contact, you radiate self-confidence, just like with a smile. By staring at your shoes or a table you reinforce your feelings of doubt and embarrassment.

Make eye contact when you meet people. When you need to speak somewhere, first make quiet eye contact with your audience. This not only gives you more attention from your audience, but it also ensures that your stress decreases.

  • Walk fast

You can see how someone feels by the way you walk. People with confidence walk fast, energetically and with determination. Increase your confidence by running 25% faster than you are used to, even if you are not in a hurry.

  •  Maintain a good posture

With the attitude you adopt, you tell someone else your story. People with collapsed shoulders do not radiate confidence. They are not enthusiastic about what they do and they do not consider themselves important. Maintain a good posture and you will automatically feel more secure. Stand up straight and keep your head up. With good non-verbal body language, you make a positive impression on others and you feel more energetic.

  •  Change your inner voice

Most of us have a critical inner voice that tells us that we are less than the other, not good enough, stupid, fat, thin, loud or quiet. If you are able to change your inner voice then you have the key to grabbing your feeling to show your self-confidence to the outside world. Make sure that your inner voice becomes your friend, who helps you and recognizes your talents and qualities so that you can make the best of yourself. Inferiority comes from your inner voice. Don’t become a victim of yourself.

Always keep listening to your inner voice, but experience it as support and useful and not as something that is aggressive or brings you down.

  •  Forget other people’s standards

Regardless of the situation that diminishes your self-confidence, you can help yourself enormously by only sticking to your own norms and values. Other people have different norms and values ​​than you and no matter how hard you try; you will never do it for everyone.

Don’t worry about what people think of you … that you are too fat or too thin, that you are too quiet or too busy. Hold on to your own norms and values. Not an idea that you keep yourself in mind about what the standards and values ​​of others look like. People have different ideas about what is and what is not acceptable, but that does not mean that others do not accept you or that you do not accept others. Avoid perfectionism.

  •  Ensure a good appearance

Even if you only have a few minutes. Dive into the bathroom or the toilet to make sure you look your best. Do you look fresh and well cared for, there is nothing in your teeth, your hair is not tangled, do you not have a spot on your clothes and are your shoes not covered in dredging? In your opinion, all these things make the difference between feeling good and being unsure whether something might be wrong.

For your own sense of confidence, it is of course ‘the inside’ that counts. But to create a good first impression and radiate confidence, the exterior is very important.

  •  Be positive

Even though it doesn’t feel that way to you, be positive. Avoid self-pity and do not allow others to belittle you. If you bring yourself down, others will certainly do the same. Speak positively about yourself, your future and your development. Don’t be afraid to share your strengths and qualities with others. By doing this you strengthen yourself and your growth in a positive direction.

  •  Accept compliments

Take compliments to heart in a positive way. Look at the other person, thank you for the compliment and smile. This increases your confidence enormously.

  •  View the lens

If something unexpected happens, it is easy to suppress the self-confidence that you have. You may have spilt coffee on someone’s sweater or you were late for that important conversation due to traffic problems. Take a step back from what happened and view the situation in the right proportions. Situations or events are only negative because of the significance we attach to them. But is it really that bad?

  •  Sit in the front

Sit at the front at meetings, training sessions, meetings, etc. People tend to sit at the back because they are afraid of being noticed. This reflects a lack of self-confidence. By deciding to sit at the front, you get over your unreasonable fear and build your confidence. You become visible to the speaker, who will now also talk to you.

  •  Speak calmly

A simple tip to come across as if you have a lot of confidence is to speak quietly. If you talk calmly, it gives you the chance to think about what you are saying and about to say. In a conversation, pause at the end of a sentence so that people can think about what you have said. Speaking calmly shows confidence.

Someone who talks quickly does not find it worthwhile to be heard. He talks quickly because he does not want to stop the other.

  •  Contribute something

Have you ever been in a meeting without saying a word? Have you ever been out one night with friends who were having a nice conversation all night while you were staring at your drink?

There is a good chance that you felt uncomfortable at the time, and you probably felt much more uncomfortable afterwards. Whatever situation you are in, make an effort to contribute. Even if you think you don’t have much to say, your thoughts and ideas are valuable to those around you.

When you try to speak in every public situation, you will experience that it is becoming easier and easier for you. You gain self-confidence and others start to recognize you as a leader.

  •  Find the next step

Take good care of your self-confidence by taking gradual steps forward. If you are not sure what to do, look for one simple step that you can take to make progress. That can be making eye contact at a party, introducing yourself to a stranger or breaking the ice in a meeting.

Start and take action, even if you have no idea what to do. Begin by moving yourself toward your goal. You can make improvements later.

  •  Trust yourself

Consider your successes and not your failures. With what you can and not with what you can’t. Trust in your own decisions. Building your self-confidence comes from within … it’s the belief in yourself. Also talk about it with one or two close friends, with whom you dare to be yourself. Accept yourself as you are and love yourself. It is amazing how quickly your confidence will increase.


Do you sometimes suffer from a lack of self-confidence? How do you deal with these situations? I am curious about your opinion and appreciate it very much if you want to let me know in the comment field below. Let’s open the discussion.

On your luck!


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